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    Flower Mound Construction Truck Accident Lawyer

    Flower Mound Construction Truck Accident Lawyers

    Construction trucks are a common sight in cities like Flower Mound. As our beautiful Texas communities expand, there’s an increased demand for new homes, businesses, and infrastructure. To build this, construction companies rely on a number of large vehicles to haul raw materials and equipment.

    Unfortunately, construction trucks can inflict serious damage if they’re involved in an accident. Many construction truck accidents cause property damage, injuries, and even death. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), large truck accident fatalities totaled 4136 in 2018 alone.

    If you get hit by a construction truck, you may be eligible for compensation. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, the driver’s employer or the owner of the construction site may be liable for damages. If the construction truck is involved in a public works project, you may be able to seek damages from the county or state.

    Don’t let a construction truck accident ruin your life. Call (469) 998-4069 today for a free consultation with a Flower Mound, TX accident lawyer. Consultations are 100% free and 100% confidential. There’s nothing to lose. If we don’t win your case, you won’t pay us a dime.

    Types of Vehicles Involved in Construction Truck Accidents

    “Construction truck” is a broad category that can refer to any large truck used in a construction project. This includes:


    Also known as big rigs or semis, tractor-trailers are large commercial transport trucks used to haul cargo. At construction sites, tractor-trailers often transport raw materials used in the project. This could include lumber, piping, or specialized industrial equipment.

    Tow Trucks

    Many construction sites employ specialty vehicles like cranes, bulldozers, trenchers, and graders. Often, these vehicles are not street legal or safe to operate on city streets. Rather than drive the vehicle to the construction site, many companies employ flatbed tow trucks. The specialty vehicle is lifted onto the tow truck’s bed, secured, then transported to the construction site and unloaded.

    Concrete Mixer Trucks

    Concrete mixer trucks are a frequent sight in construction zones in cities like Flower Mound. A concrete truck is a special truck with a large rotating drum attached to its cargo bed. This drum mixes liquid concrete, which can be poured via a special chute.

    Although concrete can be mixed by hand, concrete mixer trucks are much more efficient. At construction sites, these vehicles often pour hundreds of cubic tons of concrete to lay foundations, pave a parking lot, or create support structures for buildings.

    Dump Trucks

    As the name implies, dump trucks are used for dumping. These vehicles range in size and cargo capacity but usually resemble large flatbed trucks. Construction sites use dump trucks to transport raw filler materials like gravel and dirt, as well as haul away waste materials like scrap metal. Once loaded, a dump truck uses a special lifting mechanism to tilt the cargo bed and drop its load behind it.

    Oversized Loads

    Finally, drivers may encounter an oversized load at a construction site. An oversized load is usually a tractor-trailer with a special permit to haul unusually heavy or wide objects. Oversized load cargo may include prefabricated homes, large pipes, or equipment that cannot be broken down into smaller pieces for transporting.

    Oversized loads are often very dangerous due to their extreme size and weight. Use extra caution when you see one of these vehicles near a construction site.

    Causes of Construction Truck Accidents

    Most construction truck accidents happen near a construction site. However, these accidents are also common on highways or streets when road crews perform maintenance work. Construction trucks may also get involved in an accident when they are being driven to or from a construction site.

    When you approach a cone zone or see other signs of construction, always be alert. Take extra safety precautions and slow down. If there’s a construction worker or a police officer directing traffic, make sure you follow their instructions closely. This can help you avoid a construction truck accident.

    Common causes of construction truck accidents include:

    Reckless Driving

    When traffic gets held up by a slow-moving construction truck, it’s tempting to speed or tailgate. However, reckless driving is more likely to cause a construction truck accident. Construction trucks cannot respond to hazards as quickly as a normal truck. The driver may not be able to brake or swerve in time to avoid hitting you.

    Blind Spots

    Many construction trucks also have large blind spots. If you pass improperly and linger in the truck’s blind spot, the driver won’t be able to see you. They may cause an accident by changing lanes or turning and crashing into your vehicle.

    Stopping Distance

    Due to their large size and heavy weight, most construction trucks cannot stop quickly. It can take a large truck 20-30 percent longer to come to a complete stop than a normal car. Unfortunately, this stopping distance can cause accidents. A construction truck driver may not be able to avoid an accident.

    Mechanical Failure

    Construction truck accidents also happen due to mechanical failure. If a construction truck isn’t properly maintained, it may experience brake failure, engine problems, or other mechanical issues that cause an accident. If the construction truck is hauling cargo, mechanical failure can cause the cargo to come loose and fall into the road. This can also cause a collision.

    Bad Weather

    Finally, bad weather is a factor in many construction truck accidents. Weather conditions like fog, rain, and snow affect visibility. It can also make a road surface more slippery. If the construction truck’s tires lose traction due to icy or flooding, the driver may have difficulty controlling their vehicle.

    What to Do After a Construction Truck Accident

    If you get in an accident involving a construction truck, don’t panic. Our Flower Mound lawyers are here to help. We can assist you with all legal matters pertaining to construction truck accidents. We’ll help you determine how much compensation you may be owed, then fight to help you receive it.

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