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    Frisco Construction Truck Accident Lawyer

    Construction Truck Accidents

    Construction trucks are common in cities like Frisco, TX. From pickup trucks to dump trucks and oversized loads, construction trucks help workers build new homes, businesses, and schools. Construction trucks also help build and maintain important infrastructure like public roads and bridges.

    Unfortunately, construction trucks can also cause severe accidents. A collision involving a construction truck can lead to property damage, injury, and even fatalities. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), thousands of people are killed each year in accidents involving large trucks. Many more sustain lasting injuries.

    If you’re involved in an accident with a construction truck, call (469) 998-4069 for a free consultation with a Frisco, TX lawyer. Our accident lawyers can answer your questions and help you determine your next steps.

    Causes of Construction Truck Accidents

    Construction truck accidents are more common near work zones. These accidents frequently occur at construction sites, public works sites, or along highways when crews are performing road maintenance. However, a construction truck accident can also happen on city streets when the vehicles are traveling to or from a job site.

    In Texas, the most common causes of construction truck accidents are:

    Large Vehicular Size

    Construction trucks vary in size. Some construction trucks aren’t much larger than a normal pickup truck. However, many of these vehicles tip the scales at 10,000 pounds or more. Large vehicles like semi-trucks are also found at construction sites hauling raw materials such as lumber or pipes. Many construction vehicles are also large enough to qualify as oversized loads (also known as wide loads).

    Due to this large size, construction trucks can inflict serious damage in an accident. Even a “minor” collision involving a construction truck can be very dangerous. The size and weight of these vehicles mean that drivers have a more difficult time steering. If a driver loses control of their vehicle due to its size, they can cause a devastating crash.

    Blind Spots

    Similarly, construction trucks have large blind spots. Always use caution when approaching a construction site where large construction vehicles are present. As a general rule, if you can’t see the driver, the driver can’t see you! If you linger in a construction truck driver’s blind spot, you may get hit when the driver turns or changes lanes.

    Stopping Distance

    Many construction trucks also require a longer stopping distance. From the moment the driver hits the brakes, it may take a construction truck several seconds to come to a complete stop. This means that drivers can’t brake to avoid sudden hazards. If they don’t have enough stopping room, they’ll hit whatever lies in their path — or cause an accident by trying to steer away from the object and losing control of the truck.

    Hazardous Road Conditions

    Hazardous road conditions, including bad weather, can also cause construction truck accidents. Often, these vehicles operate on unpaved roads, streets damaged by potholes, or surfaces where gravel is present. This is why many construction trucks move very slowly. If a driver isn’t careful, hazardous road conditions can cause an accident.

    Negligence and Reckless Driving

    Finally, driver negligence and reckless driving can increase the risk of a construction truck accident. Always obey the traffic laws when you’re driving through a construction zone. Speeding, tailgating, or changing lanes without signaling can cause accidents involving construction trucks. Distracted driving and fatigued driving also lead to crashes.

    Types of Construction Trucks Involved in Accidents

    “Construction truck” is a broad category that can refer to any truck or industrial vehicle used in construction. However, the most common construction truck accidents involve the following vehicles:

    Pickup Trucks

    Due to their large towing capacity, spacious cargo beds, and powerful engines, pickup trucks are often the “vehicle of choice” for workers. These vehicles are common near construction zones. They may be used to transport materials for the construction job itself or simply driven as a commuter vehicle by contractors and other workers.


    Also known as semi-trucks, big rigs, and 18-wheelers, a tractor-trailer is a large truck with multiple axles designed to haul large, heavy freight. Tractor-trailers are often used to deliver raw materials to construction sites. When a tractor-trailer’s cargo exceeds the standard size or weight limitations, it is declared an “oversized load” or “wide load” and must follow special safety protocols.

    Concrete Mixer Trucks

    Concrete mixer trucks are also commonly used in construction. These large vehicles are equipped with a special drum to mix and pour concrete on site. Concrete mixer trucks range in size. However, these vehicles are usually very large and can cause accidents due to their limited maneuverability and excess blind spots.

    Dump Trucks

    Dump trucks are a specialized vehicle with a motorized lift designed to dump anything in the truck’s cargo bed. Dump trucks are often used to transport gravel and other “filler” materials. They are also used to haul waste materials away from construction sites.

    Other Construction Vehicles

    Other vehicles commonly involved in construction truck accidents include front loaders, bulldozers, cranes, backhoes, and graders. These vehicles are not “street legal,” so these accidents are more likely to occur if a driver gets too close to a construction site.

    Construction Truck Accident Injuries

    Like all motor vehicle crash injuries, construction truck accident injuries vary from mild to severe. Mild injuries include whiplash, concussions, bruises, cuts, and sprains. These injuries will usually heal without serious medical intervention. However, severe construction accident injuries may require surgery and physical therapy.

    Victims who suffer severe injuries after a construction truck accident may experience internal bleeding, third-degree burns, paralysis, nerve damage, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) leading to neurological impairment, and coma. In extreme cases, these injuries lead to chronic health problems or death.

    If you’ve been injured in a construction truck accident, a personal injury settlement can cover medical bills and help you get back on your feet. Don’t let a construction truck accident cause financial hardship.

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