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    Frisco Delivery Van Accident Lawyer

    Delivery Van Accidents

    Today, there are more delivery vans on the road in Frisco, TX than ever before. Delivery vans ship packages and transport a wide variety of consumer goods. Many people also rely on delivery vans for their weekly groceries.

    Like any vehicle, delivery vans can be involved in serious accidents. A delivery van accident can cause property damage, injuries, and even fatalities. Victims of delivery van accidents may struggle to resume a normal life.

    If you or someone you love was hit by a delivery van, you have legal options. You may be able to hold the driver and their employer liable for damages in an accident settlement. This can help you pay medical bills, replace a damaged vehicle, and cover lost wages.

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    Causes of Delivery Van Accidents

    Delivery van accidents can have multiple causes. These collisions happen due to delivery van driver error, environmental hazards, or the reckless behavior of other drivers. Some delivery van crashes are caused by several factors at once.

    In Texas, some of the most common causes of delivery van accidents include:


    Unlike large trucks such as tractor-trailers, delivery van drivers usually don’t need a special license or training. Anyone with a valid driver’s license can be hired to drive a delivery van. However, delivery vans are still much larger than a normal car. An inexperienced driver can cause an accident because they’re not used to operating a van.

    Additionally, inexperienced or underqualified drivers may struggle with the logistical aspects of the job. They may cause an accident because they’re looking for the right address or checking a delivery schedule.

    Blind Spots

    Many delivery vans don’t have side or rear windows. Other vans may have windows, but the view may be obscured by packages. As a result, delivery van drivers have more blind spots than drivers in regular cars.

    If there’s a car, motorcycle, or bicycle in the delivery van’s blind spots, it can lead to an accident. The delivery van driver may hit another vehicle because they don’t see it. In other cases, they may see the vehicle and cause an accident when they brake or swerve to avoid it.

    Driver Negligence

    Negligence is a leading cause of most motor vehicle accidents. Delivery van accidents are no different. Dangerous negligence can occur when a driver isn’t paying attention or becomes distracted. For example, texting or using a delivery app without a hands-free device can cause an accident.

    Driver negligence also includes reckless behavior like speeding, changing lanes without signaling, and tailgating. Delivery vans often move at slower speeds than other vehicles. Another driver may become impatient and tailgate. When drivers don’t maintain a safe following distance, it can cause a rear-end collision.

    Driver Impairment

    Driver impairment can include drinking and driving, using drugs, or even being too tired. Did you know that drowsy driving is just as dangerous as being drunk? In any situation where a delivery van driver becomes impaired, they may cause an accident.

    Impaired delivery van drivers experience reduced physical coordination, poor decision making, and slower reaction times. They may also be unable to judge their speed or distance to another object.


    Double-parking occurs whenever a vehicle stops next to another parked car. This is common on busy residential streets and business districts with no loading zones. Often, delivery van drivers have a tight schedule. They rarely have time to circle the block and find a parking space.

    Instead, many drivers put on their emergency lights and double-park. Then, they dash out of the vehicle to make a quick delivery. Although common, double-parking is a dangerous practice, even with emergency lights.

    It can cause a rear-end collision or other accidents if another driver isn’t expecting a parked vehicle in their lane. Other accidents occur when drivers pass the double-parked van without signaling.

    Mechanical Failure

    Delivery vans aren’t regulated as closely as commercial trucks like tractor-trailers. As a result, van owners may fail to get regular maintenance and safety inspections. This can lead to an accident if the delivery van experiences brake failure, engine problems, or other mechanical failures on the job.

    In some cases, the driver’s employer will be held liable for an accident caused by mechanical failure. However, many delivery van drivers are independent contractors who may be responsible for their own van maintenance. Either way, always ask for the driver’s employer information when you’re involved in a delivery van accident.

    Fallen Cargo

    Most delivery vans have an enclosed space, keeping cargo secured in the back of the van with doors and locks. However, cargo can still shift during travel. If it isn’t secured properly and the doors of the van aren’t locked, cargo can fall into the road.

    Fallen cargo can hurt other drivers directly or cause accidents by obstructing the flow of traffic. Drivers may be involved in multi-car pileups when they need to brake or swerve suddenly to avoid the fallen object.

    Bad Weather

    Delivery vans operate in almost all weather conditions. While this is great for consumers, it increases the accident risk for drivers. Dense fog, blinding snow, and heavy rain can obscure the driver’s view and cause them to get into an accident. Bad weather can also create a dangerous, slippery road surface.

    Delivery Van Accident Injuries

    Drivers and passengers who are involved in delivery van accidents can suffer a wide range of injuries. Depending on the speed of the van during the initial impact, injuries can be mild, moderate, or severe. Common delivery van accident injuries include:

    • Head and neck injury, including whiplash
    • Cuts, bruises, and broken bones
    • Internal bleeding and internal organ damage
    • Burns and disfigurements
    • PTSD and other mental health problems

    What to Do After a Delivery Van Accident

    Were you or someone you love involved in a delivery van accident? Don’t wait. You may be eligible for an accident settlement from the delivery van driver or their employer. Call our Frisco, TX law office today at (469) 998-4069, or book an appointment online for a free legal consultation.

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