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    Frisco Truck Accident Lawyer

    Truck Accident Lawyers Frisco Let a Frisco Truck Accident Lawyer Work for You

    You can be severely injured in a truck accident. 18-wheelers and semi-trucks are some of the largest motor vehicles we see on the roads. They can crush smaller vehicles and their occupants during an accident, leading to high medical bills or even a wrongful death.

    You don’t have to face the aftermath of a truck accident on your own. You can start getting professional legal advice right away from a Frisco truck accident lawyer. Our legal team has experience helping clients win truck accident lawsuits and we can put our expert skills to work for you.

    Texas Truck Accident Statistics

    We see more and more large trucks on the roads in Frisco. These trucks play an important role in our economy, but that does not make them less dangerous. The Texas Department of Transportation reported that 433 trucks were involved in fatal accidents in 2017 alone.

    Truck accidents can occur in both rural and urban areas. You can be involved in a truck accident if you are driving a car, motorcycle, or other motor vehicle. These accidents generally lead to vehicular damage and a wide range of injuries, including:

    • Broken Bones
    • Burns and Cuts
    • Internal Injuries
    • Head, Spinal Cord, and Brain Injuries

    You could be injured by your seatbelt or airbag, in addition to other injuries caused by the impact. Regardless of the injuries you suffered, we believe that you deserve compensation to cover your medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

    Causes for Frisco Truck Accidents

    Every truck accident has a unique cause. However, our law firm has found that many incidents are the result of trucks drivers that are:

    • Breaking Traffic Laws
    • Tired or Drunk

    Many individuals on the road drive aggressively or speed and these behaviors are always dangerous. Such reckless driving behaviors become significantly more dangerous when the driver is in control of a large truck.

    The trucking company could also be to blame for some accidents. Companies that perform improper truck maintenance or that require drivers to haul overweight loads are endangering innocent drivers. We believe that these large companies should be held responsible for their actions.

    Trucking companies are required to carry a certain level of insurance in Texas. They receive protection from their high-powered insurance agents. These insurance companies can try to avoid paying fair compensation after an accident. Your odds of getting damages to cover your medical bills and repair costs will increase if you have professional help on your side.

    Let a Frisco Truck Accident Lawyer Work for You

    The legal system in Frisco can be difficult to understand. Texas’s laws for motor vehicle crashes are complicated and may work against you if you don’t get help. You can ensure you have the highest chances of winning your lawsuit by getting help from an expert truck accident lawyer.

    Your lawyer will be able to:

    Investigate Your Accident

    Every accident is different. Your truck accident lawyer can work with professional investigators to determine what happened to you. Our investigation may involve questioning witnesses and digging into records to build a solid lawsuit for you.

    Deal with Insurance Companies

    Trucking companies are often supported by insurance agents. Insurance companies work hard to deny payouts for truck accidents. You can get help standing up to insurance agents by getting professional help on your side right away.

    Negotiate a Fair Settlement

    Our goal is to secure you compensation in a timely manner. In many cases, we can use our experience and resources to negotiate with the insurance companies to get you the damages you deserve. This process can be accomplished outside of court, allowing you to move forward with your life.

    Handle Your Case in Court

    If we cannot negotiate a settlement for you, we will fight for you in the courtroom. The legal system in Frisco can be complex, but we have experience crafting arguments that end in wins for our clients. We’ll work aggressively to resolve your lawsuit while you focus on healing.

    Start Getting the Help You Need with a Truck Accident Lawyer Today

    You don’t have to deal with the aftermath of a truck accident in Frisco on your own. You can get immediate help on your side from a Frisco truck accident lawyer. Our team believes in offering professional legal advice with a personal level of care to all of our clients. You can start getting the help you need right now with a FREE consultation.

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