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    Arlington Moving Van Accident Lawyer

    Moving Van Accidents

    Moving vans help people transport their possessions when they change residences. Many people move to and away from Arlington every year. They may rent a moving van to handle the task or hire a moving company. In either situation, the moving van driver could cause an accident.

    Moving van accidents may leave you dealing with serious injuries and vehicle damage. You may get help after a collision with an Arlington moving van accident lawyer. Find out more about how to get compensation for your losses by calling (469) 998-4069.

    Factors That Cause Moving Van Accidents

    Many families rent a moving van when it’s time to change homes. However, these individuals may not know how to operate a large truck safely — this increases the odds that they could cause an accident. Accidents may also occur if:

    Packers Do Not Load the Moving Van Properly

    Moving vans may end up packed full of boxes and furniture. It’s not enough to merely throw items into the vehicle. Unsecured objects could shift around during transit. Shifting materials could unbalance a moving van, increasing the likelihood of an accident occurring.

    The Van Is Parked in the Middle of the Road

    Many residences do not have enough parking space for a large moving van. Individuals may simply park the van along the road while unloading their belongings. Accidents could occur if drivers try to go around a moving van and strike oncoming traffic. Drivers could also strike the moving van.

    Results of an Arlington Moving Van Collision

    Moving vans are very large vehicles. They may cause significant damage when involved in an accident. Some drivers sustain injuries in a collision with a moving van. You may need to seek medical care if you experience:

    • Head or brain injuries
    • Back, neck, or spine injuries
    • Organ damage or internal injuries

    Broken bones are a common result of moving van accidents. You may also experience burns, cuts, and abrasions. Your vehicle could suffer severe damage after a moving van accident. A moving van accident lawyer may help you get compensation after you are injured. A lawyer may also help if you experience vehicle damage.

    Make sure you reach out to a lawyer quickly if you are hurt in a moving van accident. The state of Texas has a two-year statute of limitations for most motor vehicle accident claims. If you wait too long to file a claim, you may not receive compensation for your losses.

    Investigate a Moving Van Accident in Arlington

    Moving van accidents are serious events. You may get compensation after a collision with a moving van. However, securing compensation may require a lawyer to demonstrate that someone else caused the crash. A lawyer can dig into the facts of your accident right away. Your lawyer may:

    • Discuss the accident with eye-witnesses.
    • Check out the police report related to the accident.
    • Visit the scene of the collision.
    • Work with accident reconstruction specialists.

    Determining that someone else caused the accident makes it easier for you to get compensation. However, you may get some compensation even if you were partially at fault for the collision. Texas is a comparative fault state, which means that responsibility for the accident may fall on multiple drivers.

    Take Steps to Get Damages After a Moving Van Accident

    You may file a claim with the insurance company representing the moving van driver after a collision. A lawyer can negotiate a settlement with the insurance company. You could get damages to cover your:

    • Medical expenses.
    • Lost wages at work.
    • Repair costs for your vehicle.

    A lawyer could also help you get damages for your pain, suffering, and mental anguish. Many moving van claims are resolved with a settlement. Some cases end up going to court here in Arlington. A courtroom case allows you to get compensation if a judge and jury find in your favor. A lawyer may help you build a case for court or help you settle your claim.

    Speak to an Arlington Moving Van Accident Lawyer Today

    You may get help right away after an accident with a moving van in Arlington. Reach out to a moving van accident lawyer today for assistance. Begin working on your claim with a free consultation. Speak to a member of a legal team to find out what kind of compensation you might receive.

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