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    What Happens if Your Internal Organs Are Damaged?

    Many of us don’t think much about our internal organs. Your heart, lungs, and other organs function to keep you going, even if we don’t see the work these organs do when they are functioning properly. But what happens if your internal organs are damaged?

    Find out more about the effects of internal injuries in Dallas with this article. Review the severity of damage to internal organs, options for treatment, and more.

    Results of Damage to Internal Organs

    All of your internal organs must function properly in order for you to stay healthy. Damage to internal organs often has serious impacts on your physical well-being. Often, damage to an internal organ leads directly to internal bleeding, which may make an individual feel:

    • Faint
    • Weak
    • Lightheaded

    Heavy internal bleeding could cause an individual to lose consciousness or to go into shock. Internal bleeding is often painful, but an individual could not be able to express the symptoms of internal injuries if they are unconscious or confused due to the shock of a car accident.

    Types of Internal Injuries in Dallas

    Any of your internal organs could be injured in a car accident. However, there are several organs that are more likely to sustain damage than others. Let’s review the specific effects of injuries involving your:


    Generally, people have two kidneys. These organs are on either side of your spine and they play an important role in helping your body filter out toxins. You may notice damage to the kidneys if you note blood in your urine.


    Your liver represents your largest internal organ. You may find it on the right side of your body. It plays a number of important roles in your body. Any damage to your liver could be very serious. You may require surgery to handle liver injuries caused by car accidents in Dallas.


    Your spleen is located near your stomach and to the left. Car accidents could perforate or rupture your spleen, resulting in internal bleeding. In some cases, doctors remove the spleen because the organ is badly damaged. This could cause issues with your immune system.

    Get Medical Attention if Your Organs Are Damaged

    You should treat any damage to your internal organs very seriously. Make sure that you visit a doctor as quickly as possible if you believe you suffered an internal injury during a car accident. You could require extensive surgery to recover from damage to an internal injury.

    You may require blood transfusions, a lengthy stay in the hospital, and physical therapy to recover from damage to your internal organs. You may be unable to work during your recovery. In fact, some internal injuries could leave you facing a lifelong disability.

    Fortunately, you could be eligible to receive compensation for your expenses if you experienced an internal injury. A Dallas car accident lawyer could be able to step in to help you secure compensation to cover your:

    • Current and future medical expenses
    • Lost wages and lost earning potential
    • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish

    Build a Personal Injury Claim for Organ Damage

    If your internal organs were damaged, you could be able to file a personal injury claim against the driver responsible for your accident. A lawyer may be able to help you build your claim by investigating your case. Your lawyer may speak with witnesses, visit the scene of the accident, review your police report, and more.

    A lawyer could be able to focus on all of your legal needs, allowing you to turn your energy on getting better. Your lawyer may help you file a claim with the insurance agent representing the driver who caused your injury. Your lawyer may work to show that the other driver caused your accident by:

    • Disobeying the rules of the road
    • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    • Driving while distracted by a mobile device

    Begin working on your claim now to secure compensation for your losses. Your lawyer may also be able to help you file a lawsuit in some cases.

    Call a Lawyer if Your Internal Organs Are Damaged

    What happens if your internal organs are damaged? You could face internal bleeding and other serious consequences. Make sure you get medical help quickly and then reach out to a Dallas car accident lawyer. Your lawyer may help you get compensation for your medical expenses after you experience organ damage in Dallas. Find out how with a free consultation.

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