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    Arlington Rollover Accident Lawyer

    Rollover Accidents

    Large trucks in Arlington are involved in many accidents every year. Some of these accidents occur when a semi-truck or 18-wheeler takes a turn too quickly and rolls over. Other vehicles may get struck by an overturned truck.

    You can get help if you are hurt in a rollover crash. Reach out to an Arlington rollover crash accident lawyer to get assistance. Call (469) 998-4069 and take steps to get compensation for your medical losses and other expenses.

    Rollover Crashes in Arlington Are Very Dangerous

    Rollover crashes are not the most common type of truck accident around the country. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), these accidents are relatively rare.

    When rollover accidents occur, however, they are extremely hazardous. More than 7,500 people were killed in rollover accidents in the year 2010. More than half of the individuals killed in a rollover collision did not have their seatbelts on.

    Rollover accidents may pose hazards to the truck driver who overturned. They can also cause injuries to other drivers. An 18-wheeler could roll over across multiple lanes of traffic. Other drivers often don’t have time to stop in this situation. They may run into the large truck, leading to injuries.

    Factors That Cause Rollover Accidents in Arlington

    As mentioned, rollover accidents are relatively rare in Arlington. What causes these accidents to sometimes occur? Rollover accidents are more likely when drivers operate a large truck aggressively. A truck could roll if a driver:

    • Is operating a vehicle too fast for conditions on the road
    • Takes a turn too aggressively
    • Drives while distracted and does not notice a change of conditions

    Large trucks may rollover on the on- and off-ramps to the interstate, for example. These ramps often require drivers to make very sharp turns while moving at speed, which could cause an 18-wheeler or semi-truck to tip over.

    Effects of a Rollover Accident for You

    Involvement in a rollover accident may have serious impacts on your life. Your vehicle could suffer severe damage in a collision with a large truck. In some cases, your vehicle could even get totaled, requiring you to purchase a replacement vehicle.

    You could also sustain injuries in a rollover accident. Running into an overturned truck could leave you dealing with the following:

    • Broken bones or strains
    • Injuries to your head or brain
    • Injuries to your back, neck, or spine
    • Damage to internal organs
    • Burns, cuts, or abrasions

    You may require immediate medical attention after a rollover collision. Make sure you visit a hospital to get the care that you need. You may face a lengthy period of recovery, depending upon the severity of your injuries. In some cases, you might face a disabling condition.

    A lawyer can help you get compensation after a rollover collision. You may start working with a truck accident lawyer right now. Just call (469) 998-4069 to get started.

    Build a Claim After Your Arlington Rollover Collision

    You should get legal help quickly after a rollover accident in Arlington. A lawyer may work on your case by taking steps to:

    Show Someone Else Caused Your Accident

    Generally, you only get compensation after a collision caused by someone else. A lawyer can investigate your case by reviewing police records and speaking with witnesses. Lawyers even work with accident reconstruction specialists in many cases to help show that the truck driver caused the collision.

    Show That the Accident Caused Your Injuries

    You may get compensation for losses caused by the rollover accident. Sometimes, insurance agents claim that an accident did not cause your injuries. A lawyer may review your medical records to support your case. Your lawyer may help you get damages for healthcare bills, time off work, and vehicle repairs.

    Resolve Your Claim for You

    Many rollover accident claims get resolved outside of court in Arlington. You could settle your claim with the insurance company. A lawyer may also help you file a lawsuit in some cases. Get personalized attention on your claim.

    Call an Arlington Rollover Crash Accident Lawyer Today

    Help is only a phone call away after an Arlington rollover crash accident. You may reach out to a rollover crash accident lawyer for help now. Find out how to build your claim by completing our online contact form. You may also reach us if you call (469) 998-4069. We are standing by to review your case and bring you compensation.

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