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    How Is Pain and Suffering Calculated in a Motorcycle Accident Case?

    You could be eligible to receive compensation for your pain and suffering after a motorcycle accident. However, there is no clear-cut cost associated with pain and suffering in Dallas. That means that the value of your pain and suffering must be calculated.

    How is pain and suffering calculated in a motorcycle accident case? There are two primary methods used to calculate pain and suffering. You may use:

    • The multiplier method
    • The per diem method

    Learn more about the steps to calculate pain and suffering expenses now.

    Calculate Pain and Suffering Using the Multiplier Method

    Pain and suffering do not have an intrinsic cost in Dallas. They relate to the experiences you have after a motorcycle accident. You may calculate them based on the economic damages you experienced. This means you must have information about your:

    • Medical expenses
    • Motorcycle repair costs
    • Lost wages at work

    The above losses are economic damages. You can calculate your pain and suffering award based on your economic damages. You may use the multiplier method to accomplish this. You use the multiplier method if you:

    • Take the amount of your economic damages.
    • Select a multiplier between 1.5 and 5.
    • Multiply your economic damages and the multiplier.

    Use a small multiplier if your injury was relatively minor. Use a larger multiplier if your accident was severe. The number you get at the end of this calculation may serve as an estimate for your pain and suffering compensation. Note that it is not the guaranteed amount you will receive.

    When you call (469) 998-4069 to schedule your free consultation, we can help you determine what multiplier applies to your case.

    Calculate Pain and Suffering Using the Per Diem Method

    The per diem method is also used to calculate pain and suffering expenses after a motorcycle accident. It may be more difficult to estimate pain and suffering damages with the per diem method. The per diem method dictates that you should receive:

    • A set amount of money…
    • For each day that you are recovering from your injury.

    The amount of money you receive depends upon the per diem rate used by the insurance company. Computer programs generally generate this rate. This makes it hard to estimate your losses with the per diem method. However, you should be aware that many insurance companies use this method.

    There are also other methods used to calculate pain and suffering losses. They are not used as frequently as the multiplier method or the per diem method in Dallas.

    Types of Pain and Suffering Caused by a Dallas Motorcycle Accident

    Pain and suffering are vague terms. You may be unsure what is considered “pain and suffering” in Dallas. You may receive compensation for any physical pain caused by your accident. You may also get compensation if you experience:

    • Fear, anxiety, or embarrassment
    • A loss of your enjoyment with life
    • Insomnia or mental anguish

    Pain and suffering may have some physical effects. For example, you could be scarred or disfigured by an accident. You could get compensation in this circumstance. The legal system may refer to pain and suffering as non-economic damages.

    Steps to Get Non-Economic Damages After a Motorcycle Accident

    You may not be automatically given non-economic damages in Dallas. You could only receive compensation for pain and suffering in some circumstances. A lawyer will need to show that someone else caused your collision to bring you compensation.

    Other drivers cause many motorcycle accidents in Dallas. Drivers cause accidents if they aren’t paying attention. Breaking the rules of the road also causes accidents. Drivers who drink alcohol or take drugs could easily cause a collision. A lawyer may investigate the causes of your accident by:

    • Interviewing all eyewitnesses
    • Going to the place where the accident happened
    • Getting access to your police report
    • Working with an accident reconstruction team

    Your lawyer may gather proof to build a strong motorcycle accident claim for you. Your lawyer may then negotiate with insurance agents to settle your claim. Your case could go to court in some cases. Both a settlement or a court case could provide you with compensation for pain and suffering.

    Discuss How Pain and Suffering Are Calculated in a Motorcycle Accident

    Pain and suffering may be calculated after a motorcycle accident in Dallas. The multiplier method or the per diem method could calculate pain and suffering expenses. Find out how these methods work with a Dallas car accident lawyer. Get information by completing our online contact form. You could also call us at (469) 998-4069.

    Discuss the facts of your claim with a free consultation. Focus on how much compensation you could receive. Discuss economic and non-economic losses.

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