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    Irving Improper Backing Up Accident Lawyer

    Improper Backing Up Accidents

    Backing up properly is essential to safe driving. Unfortunately, improper backing up accounts for a number of car accidents. According to the National Safety Council, one in four accidents is caused by a vehicle backing up improperly.

    Backing up accidents can be minor fender-benders or major crashes. In the United States, improper backing up is responsible for 15,000 injuries per year. These accidents also cause an estimated 500 deaths annually.

    If you or someone you know has been in an accident caused by improper backing up, seek legal help now. Backup accidents can damage your vehicle or property. They can also cause injuries that require expensive medical bills. When an accident happens because of improper backing up, you deserve compensation.

    Our law office serves all drivers in Irving, TX, and surrounding communities. Call us today at (469) 998-4069 to schedule a free consultation. Your consultation is completely free, with no obligation. If we don’t win your case, we won’t charge for our services. There’s nothing to lose, so contact our accident lawyers today.

    How to Avoid Improper Backing Up Accidents

    Most improper backing up accidents occur when drivers aren’t paying attention. Sometimes, drivers are distracted. In other cases, they fail to check their rear blind spots, or their visibility is obscured by cargo.

    These accidents are usually preventable. As a result, drivers who cause an accident by improper backing up are more likely to be liable. It’s important to learn how to avoid these accidents to ensure that you’re never at fault.

    To avoid causing an accident while backing up, take the following safety steps:

    Step 1. Choose an Easier Parking Spot

    In general, backup accidents occur when entering or leaving a parking spot. Often, you can lower your risk for a crash by parking differently. For example, it may be easier to back into a parking spot so you can drive forward when you leave. It may also be safer to parallel park. Consider your surroundings and choose the easiest, safest option.

    Step 2. Check Your Mirrors

    Before you start your car, check your side view and rearview mirrors. If someone else has been driving your car, readjust your mirrors to your personal standards. When used properly, mirrors can reduce your side and rear blind spots.

    Step 3. Look Over Your Shoulder

    Mirrors have limitations. They don’t show a full view and may distort your perception of distance. Often, objects are closer than they appear in a mirror. That’s why it’s very important to turn your head and look over your shoulder when you drive in reverse.

    Step 4. Back Up Slowly

    Don’t rush when you’re reversing. Backing up is one situation where driving slower means driving safer. When you reverse slowly, you have more time to react in case you encounter a problem. If you do hit something while reversing, you’ll also make less of an impact by moving at a slower speed.

    Step 5. Ask for Help if Needed

    If you’re navigating a narrow driveway with limited visibility, or backing into a very busy street, consider asking for help. If you don’t have a passenger, ask a local business. Valets and parking attendants can help guide you. If you’re backing up near a construction site, one of the workers will usually be eager to assist you.

    Step 6. Take Advantage of Safety Systems

    Finally, take advantage of modern automobile safety systems. Backup cameras and warning sensors can help you steer clear of an improper backup accident. If your car doesn’t come with these features, you can have them installed by a third party. Studies show that rearview cameras reduce crashes by 78% percent.

    Improper Backing Up Accident Injuries

    Most backup accidents are rear or side-impact collisions. These accidents range in severity since speed and location can affect the nature of the crash.

    For example, a backup accident in a parking lot may cause minor damage and minimal injury. An accident where a car reverses improperly onto a busy street may be much worse.

    If you’ve been in an accident caused by improper backing up, you may experience any of the following injuries:

    • Surface injuries — This includes cuts, bruises, and burns. Although they may be on the “surface” of your body, these injuries can still be painful and require a long recovery time.
    • Internal injuries — In severe backup accidents, your internal organs may be damaged. You may also experience internal bleeding. These injuries may require surgery and can be fatal if untreated.
    • Neck injuries — Common neck injuries from a car accident include whiplash and spinal cord injuries. Neck injuries may require rehabilitation and surgery. In extreme cases, neck injuries cause chronic pain and paralysis.
    • Head injuries — Backup accidents can cause concussions, skull fractures, and even traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Depending on the severity of the injury, an accident victim may require long term care.
    • Broken bones — Accident victims may experience broken bones, such as broken arms, legs, or ribs. Broken bones may take several weeks to heal and require months of physical therapy.
    • Mental health problems — In the aftermath of an accident, it’s common for victims to experience PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. Although they are not physical injuries, these emotional traumas can be just as debilitating.

    If you or someone you love was injured as a result of someone backing up improperly, seek compensation. An accident settlement can help you pay medical bills and get your life back on track.

    Know Your Rights

    Remember, you have rights. Don’t let a negligent driver ruin your life because they backed into you and caused an accident. If you’re in a reversal crash, get help from an accident lawyer today. Reach out to an accident lawyer in Irving, TX.

    We are dedicated to helping all drivers receive compensation. During our free consultations, we’ll get to the bottom of your case and determine how much you may be owed. Then, we’ll work hard to win your improper backing up accident lawsuit. Call (469) 998-4069 now.

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