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    Irving Bus Accident Lawyer

    Bus Accident Lawyers in Irving Irving Bus Accident

    You can be severely injured if you are involved in a bus accident. Smaller vehicles like cars and trucks can be crushed by large buses, leading to serious injuries. Even bus passengers can be badly hurt if a bus is involved in a motor vehicle accident.

    To make matters worse, things will likely only get more difficult in the aftermath of a bus accident. Most bus companies work with insurance agents that will try to prevent you from getting the compensation you need.

    Professional help from an Irving bus accident lawyer can make it easier to get treated seriously. You can count on a legal professional to stand up to insurance agents in and out of the courtroom, so you can keep your focus on healing.

    Dealing with a Bus Accident in Irving

    Bus accidents are becoming a larger concern as more buses take to the road in Irving, TX. Many drivers are used to school buses, charter buses, and DART transports. Any of these buses could be a threat to you on the road. In fact, a recent Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration report recorded 97,000 injury crashes involving buses or large trucks in 2015.

    Any individuals involved in a bus accident should take immediate action. You will want to:

    • Contact Emergency Services
    • Exchange Contact Information with Other Drivers and Witnesses
    • Record the Scene with Pictures or Video

    It’s important that you receive medical care for any injuries that you sustain in a bus accident. You can improve your chances of getting the compensation that you deserve later if there is an official record of your medical care and its cost.

    Contacting a bus accident lawyer is another important step for you to take. Bus accident lawyers are trained legal professionals who can take on your case so you aren’t taken advantage of while you recover.

    What a Bus Accident Lawyer Can Do for You

    Bus accident lawyers have experience handling cases just like yours. They can step in when you need help and:

    • Take over communication with insurance companies
    • Hire investigators to research your accident
    • Contact eye-witnesses and get statements

    In some situations, a bus accident lawyer will even reconstruct your accident or call on expert witnesses to build your case. All of this effort is often necessary because bus companies work with high-powered insurance agents who can try to deny your claim.

    A Bus Accident Lawyer Will Fight for You

    Insurance agents may offer you a deal after a bus accident. These offers are generally small and frequently won’t even begin to cover your medical bills. A bus accident lawyer can step in and negotiate for you, to ensure you’re treated fairly.

    Bus accident lawyers can also help you if your case goes to court. You will need to prove that the bus driver or the bus company was at fault for the accident to win your case. This can be difficult without a professional lawyer on your side.

    Your bus accident lawyer can also ensure your case keeps moving. You must file a lawsuit within 2 years of a bus accident to receive any kind of compensation. Some insurance companies will try to stall the case until this time runs out. A bus accident lawyer can fight to ensure this doesn’t happen.

    Pick a Law Firm You Can Trust

    Not all bus accident lawyers are created equal. Make sure you’re working with a law firm that has experience handling cases like yours. You can look for a legal team that has a reputation for success and for treating clients fairly.

    Most reputable bus accident lawyers will stick to a “no win, no fee” policy. This means you won’t be responsible for paying legal fees until your bus accident lawyer wins your case or brings you a fair settlement.

    You can also strengthen your case by choosing a bus accident lawyer that makes you feel comfortable. You’ve been through a lot and legal cases require you to share personal information with your lawyer. Finding a legal professional you trust can improve your odds of winning your case.

    Don’t Wait – Get Help from a Bus Accident Lawyer Today

    Your case will be stronger if you get help from an Irving bus accident lawyer as soon as possible. You can ensure you’re treated fairly and not taken advantage of by getting legal help in your corner today. We’re here to provide you with the advice and support you need. Find out how we can build your case with a FREE consultation.

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