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    How Long Does It Take to Heal From Whiplash?

    Were you diagnosed with whiplash after a motor vehicle accident in Dallas? In this situation, you’re likely wondering how long it takes to heal from whiplash. You may get answers to your questions about whiplash treatments by checking out this article.

    Time Frame for Whiplash Recovery in Dallas

    You should be aware that not everyone recovers from whiplash at the same speed. Sometimes individuals recover from whiplash after a few days. In other situations, your recovery could take a few weeks. The majority of individuals diagnosed with whiplash recover in three months, per a report from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes (NINDS).

    Individuals who seek treatment for their whiplash may make a faster recovery. You could begin getting medical care for whiplash by visiting a doctor after a motor vehicle accident. Your doctor could also assess your condition to ensure you are not dealing with any additional injuries.

    Understanding a Whiplash Diagnosis

    Many people are familiar with the term “whiplash.” This injury is one of the most common ailments faced by individuals involved in car accidents in Dallas. It occurs when someone’s head is jerked back and forth very quickly, resulting in a neck injury.

    Whiplash is considered a “soft tissue” injury because it does not involve damage to the bones. Instead, muscle tissue, tendons, and nerves could be damaged in a whiplash injury. These injuries are difficult to identify with medical testing. However, you may suspect that you are dealing with a whiplash if you have:

    • Stiffness in your neck
    • Reduced range of motion in your neck
    • Neck pain, especially if it gets worse when you move your head
    • Pain in your upper back, shoulders, or arms
    • Numbness in your arms
    • Tingling in your arms

    Some individuals who experience whiplash also have blurred vision or tinnitus (ringing in the ears). If you experience any of these symptoms after a motor vehicle accident, make sure that you seek medical treatment promptly.

    Possible Treatments for Whiplash in Texas

    Because whiplash is a soft tissue injury, the possible treatments for this condition are relatively limited. Generally, your initial treatment may focus on handling the symptoms caused by the injury. You may be advised to:

    • Take pain medication or muscle relaxants
    • Apply heat and cold to your neck
    • Perform some simple exercises and stretches
    • Engage in relaxation techniques
    • Wear a foam collar for a few hours a day

    Taking these steps may allow you to recover fully from whiplash within a few weeks. Some individuals who experience whiplash also turn to massage therapy or chiropractic care to aid in their recovery. Note that, in some cases, whiplash may have more lasting complications.

    Other individuals who experience whiplash end up dealing with headaches for many years. Often, there is no medical explanation for why this pain persists after a few weeks. However, you are not alone if you deal with pain for a significant amount of time, even after your recovery.

    Seek Compensation After a Whiplash Injury

    If you experienced whiplash after an accident caused by another driver in Dallas, you could be eligible to receive compensation for your medical expenses. This includes everything from your initial visit to a doctor, to any physical therapy you could require in order to recover. Additionally, you could be eligible to receive damages to cover your:

    • Lost wages at work
    • Lost earning potential
    • Motor vehicle repairs
    • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish

    You could work with a Dallas car accident lawyer to secure compensation after an accident left you with whiplash. Your lawyer could be able to build a strong claim to support you. Depending upon your situation, your lawyer might be able to negotiate with insurance agents on your behalf. Negotiations with insurance agents could allow you to settle your claim outside of the court system.

    However, in some situations, a lawyer could advise you to file a lawsuit against the driver who caused your injuries. This allows you to seek a verdict in your favor, which may award you compensation for your medical expenses and more.

    Talk to a Lawyer as You Heal from Whiplash

    How long does it take to heal from whiplash? It could take weeks or even months to recover from whiplash in Dallas. While you focus on your recovery, you may want to reach out to a Dallas car accident lawyer to begin working to get compensation for your losses. Find out more about your legal options by contacting us for a free consultation.

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