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    Dallas Whiplash Accident Lawyer

    Even low-speed accidents in Dallas can cause whiplash injuries. Since whiplash does not show up on imaging tests in the same way as other injuries, it can be difficult to have them taken seriously when you file an insurance claim. Thankfully, that’s where a Dallas whiplash accident lawyer can help.

    If you suffered whiplash (and other injuries) from an accident that was not your fault, you shouldn’t have to pay. Our Dallas car accident lawyers are here to help. We can assist you in gathering evidence from your accident, calculating your damages, and building a strong claim for the compensation you deserve.

    We make it easy to get the legal help you need today. The consultation is 100% free of charge, and we do not collect a fee unless you win compensation. To get started with your FREE consultation, call us at (469) 998-4069 or contact us online today.

    How Whiplash Happens During an Accident

    According to Mayo Clinic, whiplash is a soft tissue neck injury caused by “forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck.” The term whiplash refers to how the neck quickly moves like the cracking of a whip.

    Whiplash is most common in rear-end accidents where your vehicle is hit from behind, but a whiplash injury can occur after any type of crash. The sudden, unnatural back-and-forth neck movement and extension puts a lot of strain on the neck and spine, leading to serious pain and other problems.

    Whiplash injuries cause damage to connective tissues, nerves, and more. In severe situations, whiplash might cause discs in the spine to protrude or rupture.

    Common Whiplash Symptoms

    Whiplash symptoms can include any of the following:

    • Headaches
    • Neck pain
    • Neck stiffness
    • Irritability or fatigue
    • Shoulder or back pain
    • Burning or prickling sensations
    • Ringing in the ears
    • Dizziness
    • Blurred vision
    • Anxiety or depression
    • Memory problems

    Although all of these symptoms are common with whiplash, you might not feel them right away. In fact, right after the accident, you might not feel any pain at all.

    When your body is involved in a car accident, your system is flooded with adrenaline and other hormones that suppress pain and help you focus on what needs to be done. In this state, you might think you were lucky enough to walk away from the accident unharmed — until hours or days later.

    Once hormones have balanced out and your body is no longer in fight-or-flight mode, the pain might set in. Whiplash pain can be very severe, even debilitating.

    See a Doctor Right Away to Check for Whiplash

    Even if you feel okay after your accident, you should still get checked out by a doctor as soon as you can. Your doctor can examine you for possible whiplash or other injuries, and they might be able to help you reduce the impending pain and other symptoms.

    Since whiplash injuries can take time to manifest, it’s also best to avoid saying that you were not injured in the accident. If responding police officers ask whether or not you were injured in the accident, simply say you’re “not sure” if you don’t feel any pain yet.

    If you’ve already spoken to the police, the other driver, or the driver’s insurance company about your injuries, contact a Dallas whiplash accident lawyer right away.

    How Dallas Car Accident Lawyers Can Help Your Whiplash Claim

    A lawyer’s goal should be to get you the fullest compensation possible for your accident expenses. If you did not cause your accident, you should not have to pay for the costs like:

    • Medical bills
    • Medications
    • Lost wages
    • Vehicle repairs
    • Pain and suffering

    Many accident victims fail to realize just how much an accident can affect them. Medical costs can continue for weeks, months, or even years. Plus, there are emotional effects of auto accidents that are often overlooked.

    An experienced lawyer will work with you to examine all of the ways the accident has impacted your life. They will also:

    • Fully investigate the accident and your injuries
    • Determine who was responsible for the accident
    • Gather all evidence of your damages (and calculate your total damages)
    • Communicate and negotiate with the insurance company for you
    • If needed, help you take your case to court.

    Most whiplash accident cases are settled well before going to trial, but our lawyers are prepared to help you take your case as far as necessary. To learn more about your options and how your case might look, give us a call at (469) 998-4069 or contact us online for a FREE consultation. There is no risk to you because you don’t pay a fee unless we win you compensation.

    Whiplash Injuries Can Be Very Serious and Painful

    Although we know how painful and serious whiplash injuries can be, insurance companies try to paint a different story. The other driver’s insurance company will be looking for ways to reduce the value of your claim, and they might see your whiplash injuries as the perfect opportunity.

    Since whiplash is hard to demonstrate through medical tests, the insurance company will look for ways to reduce how serious your injuries appear. Meanwhile, you might grow frustrated dealing with the pain, lack of motion, emotional effects, and other symptoms of your whiplash.

    Thankfully, working with a good lawyer will give you the best chance at fair compensation. Your lawyer will work to show the severity of your injuries and prevent the insurer from taking advantage of you.

    You Have Two Years to Bring Your Dallas Whiplash Case

    In Texas, you have two years from the date of an accident to file a personal injury case (Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code section 16.003). If you miss the statute of limitations period to file, you will likely be barred from recovering any damages.

    It’s best to get started on your case as soon as possible. Reach out to a trusted lawyer in your area and discuss your legal options. This will let you know what your case timeline might look like, what type of settlement you need to pursue, and more.

    Consult with a Dallas Whiplash Accident Lawyer for Free Today

    Research has shown that accident victims who work with a lawyer are likely to recover more in their injury cases than those who try to handle their cases alone. Our Dallas car accident lawyers are here to support you and fight for your rights.

    Our communication is what sets us apart from other law firms. We will keep you informed throughout every step of the process, and we won’t charge you a fee unless we win you compensation. To get a FREE consultation and learn more today, call us at (469) 998-4069 or contact us online.

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