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    Esurance Car Accident Claims Injury Lawyer In Dallas

    The primary job of any insurance agent, though they may seem like they are friendly, is to look out for the bottom line of their company.

    The primary job of an insurance agent, though they may seem like they are friendly, is to look out for the bottom line of their company. That means they will try to pay as little as possible in the event of an accident involving one of their insured drivers. This is true of Esurance as well as other insurance companies across the country, and it is how they are able to maintain lucrative profits and reach exorbitant net worths. Unfortunately, that means that an injured person may face an uphill battle struggling to get the compensation they truly need.

    If you are injured in an accident involving a person with Esurance auto insurance, the best option is to contact an Esurance car accident claims attorney in Dallas as soon as possible. At our firm, a Dallas car accident law firm, we work to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients, we can help you understand your own insurance policy and those of opposing drivers, and we can help navigate the legal system if a lawsuit is necessary.

    Information I Can Gather at the Accident Scene

    Some of the most important information that you may need to bolster and strengthen your case is at the original scene of the accident. Of course, not everyone is able to gather such evidence, as you may have a serious injury. If possible, after moving to safety and ensuring that all medical care has been secured, try to collect as much of the following pieces of evidence and pertinent information as possible.

    Insurance Information

    First, make sure that you speak with all opposing drivers in the accident and gather their insurance information and driver’s license data. Having their name and policy number can speed up the process when speaking with insurance agents at a later date. Whether it is Esurance, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, or another company, having that information is important.

    Photographic Evidence

    Most of us carry cell phones with us wherever we go. If you have one, make sure to take plenty of pictures at the scene of the accident. Include items like tire skids, property damage, road imperfections, weather-related abnormalities like puddles or ice, and even pictures of your injuries, if possible.

    Medical Records

    If you are picked up by an ambulance, get your medical records when you are discharged from the hospital as proof of the harm you suffered. Even if you do not have to ride in an ambulance, make sure you get checked out by medical staff as soon as possible and document those visits.

    Outside Sources

    Finally, check for any sources that may be able to back up your story of how the accident occurred. Jot down the location of any nearby surveillance cameras or traffic cameras that may have recorded the event. Take contact information from any available eyewitnesses as well. Once the police have arrived on the scene, check with them to learn how you can obtain a copy of the police car accident report.

    When I Speak to the Esurance Agent

    You should always remember that any insurance agent, from Esurance to GEICO, is not truly on your side. Their job is to lower the amount of money their company must pay you when you are injured in an accident. With that in mind, remember these tips when speaking with the Esurance agent involved in your case.

    Never Lie

    Always tell the truth when you discuss facts of the case with an insurance agent. False information can make your claim less credible and jeopardize your opportunity for compensation.

    Never Admit Fault

    However, never admit any kind of fault for an accident. Fault is a legal concept that should be left up to the courts to decide, even if you feel bad for an action you took while driving. Admitting fault can prevent you from recovering compensation.

    Say as Little as Possible

    Speaking with an Esurance agent is no time to be verbose. Give them yes or no answers when possible, and say as little as possible while sticking to the facts of the case.

    Invoke Your Right to an Attorney

    Truthfully, you can always back out of a conversation with an Esurance agent if you feel uncomfortable. Simply tell them you do not feel comfortable discussing the issue alone and need to speak with your attorney. Having a our firm, a Dallas car accident law firm, skilled in Esurance injury claims present when you talk to agents can help you stay on message and avoid saying anything that might endanger your ability to pursue compensation.

    Dallas Car Accident Lawyers Can Help Me With Their Experience

    At our firm, a Dallas car accident law firm, , we have experience handling insurance claims with Esurance and a host of other popular insurance companies, including AAA. Instead of trying to go up against professional insurance agents who are trying to catch you off-guard, let our attorneys handle your injury claim for you.

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