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    Dallas Semi Truck Lawyer

    For Dallas drivers, getting into a car crash involving a semi-truck can be a very frightening experience. The average semi weighs around 80,000 pounds, making it approximately 16 times heavier than the average car. Even traveling at low speeds, a semi-truck can cause extreme damage.

    According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there were 465 fatal car accidents involving semi-trucks in 2018; the last year data was available. In addition to deadly crashes, another 460 collisions involved semi-trucks and resulted in serious injury. Another 18,942 semi-truck accidents did not result in injury, yet likely caused damage to cars and property.

    A semi-truck accident can occur at any time of day or night. Usually, these accidents happen on highways or wide thoroughfares; due to their size and weight, semi-trucks rarely drive on small city streets or in residential Dallas neighborhoods. Wherever they occur, these accidents are dangerous. Your car may be totaled, and you may experience severe injury or even death.

    If you ever find yourself in an accident with a semi-truck, don’t worry. Help is available. You will likely be owed compensation for damages caused, and our Dallas attorneys can help. Each of our lawyers is standing by to discuss your case and strategize how you can win. Call us today for a free consultation at (214) 496-5227. You won’t pay anything upfront.

    Common Injuries in Semi-Truck Accidents

    If you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time and find yourself involved in a semi-truck accident, you may be experiencing injuries as a result of the collision. Some of the most common injuries caused by semi-trucks include:

    • Head and brain injuries
    • Back, neck, and spine injuries
    • Broken bones and torn ligaments
    • Cuts and bruises
    • Internal bleeding

    In addition to physical injuries, you and your passengers may also experience severe psychological and emotional stress resulting from these types of accidents. It’s not uncommon for survivors of semi-truck accidents to develop PTSD, anxiety, or depression. Getting into a collision with a semi-truck can also trigger panic attacks and worsen heart conditions.

    Many of the injuries associated with semi-truck accidents are chronic — this means you or your passengers may require long term care, such as physical therapy or rehabilitation. Some injuries may also prevent you from returning to work and resuming your regular life.

    Common Risk Factors in Semi-Truck Accidents

    Many semi-truck accidents have specific causes. Although certain risk factors can affect all types of vehicles, such as bad weather, some are specific to semi-trucks. In general, the large size and massive weight of a semi-truck contribute to these dangerous accidents. The impact force of a semi-truck will always be higher than that of a smaller vehicle due to the semi’s mass.

    Other risk factors in semi-truck accidents include:

    High Speeds

    On most Texas highways, the speed limit for semi-trucks cannot exceed 65 miles per hour. The majority of commercial drivers obey this rule; however, even driving at the limit can be hazardous. Other drivers may push past the limit in an attempt to overtake slower moving vehicles. Often, truck drivers are on a tight deadline to reach their destination and may neglect safety if they’ve fallen behind.


    If you’ve ever driven when you’re short on sleep, you’ll understand how dangerous fatigue can be. For long-haul semi drivers, there is often no time to pull over and nap when they need to rest. Some may drive all night. As a result, semi-truck drivers may feel extreme tiredness, which affects their ability to stay alert and react to problems on the road — or in the worst cases, they may even fall asleep at the wheel.

    Problems with the Semi-Truck

    Semis are built to carry huge loads over long distances. However, these long drives take their toll on an engine, as well as brakes, tires, and other mechanical components. Semi-trucks need to be appropriately maintained; otherwise, they can experience mechanical failure on the road, resulting in accidents affecting other drivers.

    Fallen Cargo

    Other semi-truck accidents occur as the result of improperly secured cargo. Semi-trucks can transport a wide variety of goods, including dangerous or hazardous materials. If its shipment comes loose and falls out, it can damage any vehicles driving behind the truck. Additionally, fallen cargo can create dangerous road conditions. Smaller items may cause flat tires or make the road uneven, while large items cause drivers to swerve or stop without warning.

    Driving Under the Influence

    Although most truck drivers are responsible workers, some have substance abuse problems. Driving a semi can be stressful, and some drivers may turn to alcohol or other substances to cope. Still, others abuse prescription medication. They may also consume illegal stimulants to stay awake for long overnight drives. Unfortunately, when a semi-truck driver is under the influence, it creates the potential for accidents. This unsafe behavior severely impairs the driver’s judgment.

    Help Is Available For Semi-Truck Accidents

    If you are in an accident with a semi-truck in Dallas, prioritize your health and your passengers’ health. Make sure anyone with an injury receives medical attention. If necessary, call an ambulance or paramedics. Then, if you can, move your vehicle to the shoulder of the highway or another safe location away from traffic.

    After you’ve taken care of your immediate safety, seek help. Insurance may not be enough to cover the bills from a semi-truck accident. In most cases, you may be owed compensation for damages from the truck driver, as well as the owner of the truck fleet and potentially the logistics company that contracted the truck.

    Don’t let an accident with a semi-truck prevent you from living a normal life. Legal assistance is available. Call our Dallas law offices at (214) 496-5227 today to speak to a lawyer about your case. Consultations are 100% free.

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