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    Lyft Accident Lawyer In Dallas, TX

    In the modern age, the gig economy has extended into the realm of personal transportation.

    In the modern age, the gig economy has extended into the realm of personal transportation. Lyft, one of the leading rideshare companies in the world, allows riders to connect with drivers via an app on their phones, bringing taxi services to people’s very doorsteps. While this is an exciting development that can cut back on a person’s carbon footprint, it may lead to more complicated situations when Lyft drivers become involved in car wrecks. With help from a skilled attorney with experience handling Dallas Lyft accidents, an injured person may be able to recover compensation from the driver and Lyft’s insurance policy.

    our firm, a Dallas car accident law firm, employs just such Lyft accident attorneys. We are dedicated to the preservation of our injured clients’ rights and vow to do everything we can to ensure that the people responsible for their injuries pay the appropriate compensation.

    Insurance Questions

    One of the main ways that a rideshare accident involving a Lyft driver can become complicated is due to the different insurance policies that apply in different scenarios. In most cases, there are three possible insurance policies that may be in play regarding your Lyft car wreck.

    The Lyft Driver’s Personal Insurance Policy

    Being a Lyft driver as a side job does not automatically entitle a person to Lyft’s insurance coverage. In order for that to happen, the person must be logged into the Lyft app and actively looking for a new fare assignment. If the Lyft driver is not logged into the app, they are not considered to be “on duty” at that time and thus only their personal insurance applies. Just like all other drivers, they are required to have a personal liability insurance policy by Texas Transportation Code §601.051. Occasionally, the person may break the law and have no coverage, in which case your own uninsured motorist coverage should provide some relief for your damages.

    Intermediate Lyft Policy

    If an accident occurs when the Lyft driver is logged into their app but has not yet been assigned a fare, an intermediate insurance policy becomes valid. Lyft has a policy for drivers in such instances that amounts to $50,000 per person and $100,000 per accident. In the case of a very serious accident with damages that total more than these amounts, it may be possible to recover compensation from Lyft and from the driver’s insurance as well. A Lyft accident lawyer can help you sort out the proper policy from which to pursue compensation.

    Full Lyft Coverage

    The full amount of coverage, at $1 million, comes into effect when a driver and a fare are matched. As an active Lyft driver, the driver has coverage. If you are in an accident with a driver who has already picked up their fare, you should be able to pursue compensation directly from this policy with help from a Lyft accident attorney. Additionally, the Lyft driver may have a “rideshare policy” in place, which takes the place of their personal insurance and covers them regardless of whether or not they are taking fares. Offered by a few insurance companies, the demand for this kind of insurance is growing.

    Fault in Lyft Crashes

    As with all Dallas personal injury claims, a Lyft accident and subsequent compensation will revolve around the issue of fault. In most cases, the fault will rest on the Lyft driver, you, another driver involved in a multi-car wreck, or a combination of those individuals. It is important to understand how fault works and how it impacts your ability to achieve compensation.

    Fault Between Drivers

    Using evidence like surveillance or traffic camera footage, eyewitness testimony, breathalyzer tests, cellphone records, and more, a skilled Lyft accident attorney can work to show that the Lyft driver was responsible for causing the accident. On the other hand, the Lyft driver’s attorneys will work to show that you or another involved driver are at fault. Luckily, Texas uses a system of proportionate responsibility that allows you to collect compensation for your damages even when you share some of the blame. The two facets of this system are:

    • You cannot be more than 50% at fault.
    • Your compensation is reduced by a percentage equal to your percentage of fault.

    In other words, your compensation will be lowered by 10% if you are found to be 10% to blame for the accident.

    When Lyft Is at Fault

    In rare circumstances, you may be able to recover compensation directly from Lyft. This is an option in cases in which the company exhibits some form of negligence, such as failing to perform an adequate background check on a driver. If you suspect that this may be the case, the best option is to consult with one of our experienced Lyft accident lawyers who can advise you on your most profitable plan of action.

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