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    Dallas Car Accident Caused by Faulty or Neglected Vehicle Maintenance Lawyer

    Proper vehicle maintenance is so important in Dallas. Even if a vehicle is normally safe to drive, it can become a danger if not regularly maintained. If you were hurt in an accident that you suspect or know was caused by poor maintenance, it’s time to get legal help and know your compensation options. A Dallas faulty or neglected vehicle maintenance lawyer can assist you.

    Each driver has a duty to ensure that their vehicle is safe and fit to drive. If that duty is not upheld because of maintenance issues, the driver or someone else might be legally liable. Our Dallas car accident lawyers can get to the bottom of the reason for your accident, help you determine your full damages, and work to file a claim for your compensation.

    Our law firm strives to make the legal claims process as stress-free as possible for you. We do not charge you a fee unless we win your case, and we’ll maintain communication with you every step of the way. To learn more during a FREE, no-risk consultation, call us at (469) 998-4069 or contact us online today.

    What Proper Vehicle Maintenance Means in Dallas

    Part of owning a vehicle includes keeping up with routine vehicle maintenance like:

    • Checking the tires
    • Changing the oil, oil filter, and air filter
    • Inspecting belts and hoses
    • Examining washer, brake, coolant, and transmission fluids
    • Checking the battery
    • Inspecting wiper blades

    Vehicles must also always comply with safety regulations and inspections. If a vehicle part stops working or begins to have problems, it should be inspected and fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise, the vehicle can become a hazard to everyone on the road.

    Although drivers have a duty to keep up with regular maintenance needs, they also rely on those who perform the maintenance to do a good job. Otherwise, the driver might assume everything is fine and not realize there is still a potential problem.

    After an accident caused by faulty or neglected vehicle maintenance, it’s important to speak with an experienced lawyer. Your lawyer can investigate the details to determine who is responsible for the issues that led to your accident — whether the maintenance problems involved your vehicle or someone else’s vehicle.

    How Faulty or Neglected Vehicle Maintenance Can Lead to an Accident

    Poor vehicle maintenance can lead to issues like:

    • Brake or parking brake failure
    • Tire blowouts
    • Steering issues
    • Stuck windshield wipers
    • Acceleration problems
    • Cracked windshields
    • Broken mirrors
    • Missing lights

    Some issues can happen suddenly as a result of faulty maintenance service, while others might result from days, weeks, or months of neglected maintenance needs. No matter how the issue happens, if it causes an accident, the negligent person or party that neglected the maintenance needs is responsible.

    A driver might say that they have put off maintenance for financial reasons or that they did not realize the severity of the problem. However, that doesn’t excuse them from being legally liable for the damages.

    Liability for Poor Vehicle Maintenance in a Dallas Accident

    After an accident caused by poor vehicle maintenance, it’s not always clear who was responsible. The driver of the vehicle is not always at fault, especially if they took the vehicle to someone else to fix or did not know about the issues. You might even be the driver whose car was faulty — but you know that your own negligence did not lead to the accident.

    The at-fault party in the accident could be any of the following. It’s important to work with a lawyer who can help you investigate the accident and vehicle issues. These types of cases can be very complicated, so getting legal help as soon as possible is highly recommended.

    A Maintenance Company That Worked on the Vehicle

    Sometimes, maintenance companies fail to actually fix a vehicle’s problem or neglect to notice additional issues. If a company is dishonest, they might charge a driver for services that they don’t complete or properly carry out.

    Your lawyer will investigate the company that performed recent maintenance on the vehicle to see if there are signs of faulty maintenance services. If negligent behavior is apparent, you might be able to bring a case against the company.

    The Vehicle’s Driver

    If your accident was caused by another driver (and it’s clear that no maintenance company caused the vehicle’s issues), the driver is likely liable for the accident. Maybe they put off taking their vehicle in for routine maintenance needs or yearly inspections. The driver can be found liable if you’re able to show that their neglected maintenance led to the accident.

    The Driver’s Employer

    Faulty or neglected maintenance is also, unfortunately, all-too-common with commercial companies. Truck drivers and trucking companies might put off doing maintenance to save costs or neglect performing vehicle checks to save time. Even if the truck driver was negligent, their employer might be ultimately responsible for their behavior while on the job.

    When an accident is caused by maintenance negligence, the responsible party is not always clear. The situation usually requires a lot of research and investigation into the details before a conclusion can be reached. That’s why it’s a good idea to contact a Dallas faulty or neglected vehicle maintenance lawyer as soon as you can.

    Your lawyer will immediately begin looking into your accident and how it happened. From there, they can determine who was responsible and the damages you suffered as a result. Using the information they’ve gathered, your lawyer can help you build a strong personal injury claim to file against the at-fault party and seek the compensation you deserve.

    Speak with a Dallas Faulty or Neglected Vehicle Maintenance Lawyer at No Cost

    If you were injured in an accident that might have been caused by poor maintenance, don’t wait to get the help you need and deserve. Our Dallas car accident lawyers can help — at no risk to you. We do not charge a fee unless we win you money, and the consultation is always FREE.

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