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    Dallas Left-Turn Accident Lawyer

    Intersections can be a dangerous place to be a driver, bicyclist, or pedestrian. Studies show that nearly half of all traffic accidents in the United States happen at intersections. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Crash Statistics, in 22% of those intersection accidents, the critical event that caused the crash was a driver turning left.

    Furthermore, the same report cites several reasons that the left-turn driver said they crashed into another vehicle, cyclist, or pedestrian. They include:

    • False assumption of another driver’s action
    • Turning left even though their view was obstructed
    • Distraction outside the car
    • Misjudgement of the gap in traffic / another driver’s speed
    • Inadequate surveillance (looking for other drivers, bicyclists, or pedestrians before turning)
    • Distraction inside the car
    • Inattention
    • Driving too fast for conditions or Aggressive Driving
    • Performance error
    • Illegal maneuvers such as failure to yield the right of way or failure to signal

    Unfortunately, left-turn accidents are more likely than others to be fatal. This can be a result of an oncoming driver being unable to stop, or because sometimes, when people make left turns, they speed up. This can cause serious injuries to bicyclists, pedestrians, and drivers.

    Texas Left-Turn Accident Statistics

    The Texas Department of Transportation 2018 report on Crash Contributing Factors doesn’t list left turns as a cause in some failure to signal accidents, or in turning when unsafe, but it does list “failure to yield, turning left” as a cause in a whopping 5,639 rural accidents, and 26,665 urban accidents, for a total of 32,304 crashes resulting from a driver failing to yield while turning left.

    These are only the accidents where the contributing factor clearly mentions a left turn. You can bet that many more of the 421,882 crashes in Texas in 2018 also involved a left turn.

    Texas Law and Comparative Negligence in a Left-Turn Accident

    In the vast majority of cases, unless they have a left-turn signal, Dallas drivers making a left turn do not have the right of way. That means they have to wait for oncoming traffic to pass before making the left turn. If you were injured in a left-turn accident where you were hit by another driver, chances are good that you have a strong case of negligence. We are prepared to help you work out a generous settlement with the insurance company or take your negligence case to court, if needed.

    The other driver may try to claim that you were partially at fault for the accident — such as claiming you sped up, ran a red light, ignored the rules of a 4-way stop sign, were texting and driving, or something else.

    Since Texas has a comparative negligence law, you can only claim damages if you are found to be less than 51% at fault in the accident. A jury will determine each party’s percentage of fault in causing the car accident. This may involve two or more people, depending on the facts of the crash. Each party must pay their share of accident damages to you, the victim, but you can only recover damages if you are less than 51% responsible.

    If you were even partly responsible, the court will reduce your total damages in the case by the percentage of fault the jury assigns to you. For instance, if you were texting someone when a car making a left turn hit you, the jury may find that you were 10% at-fault for the crash. This means any damages you are awarded would be reduced by 10%. For example, a $100,000 in damages award would be reduced to $90,000.

    How a Dallas Left-Turn Accident Lawyer Can Help You

    To ensure you get the best insurance compensation package or award of damages, it’s important to work with an experienced Dallas left-turn accident lawyer. We will work closely with you to build your case and to get you the compensation you deserve.

    We can gain access to a lot of things an ordinary citizen would not be able to obtain, including:

    • Accident scene photos
    • Traffic camera footage
    • Surveillance camera footage
    • Traffic accident reports
    • Eyewitness interviews
    • Blood, breath, or urine test results (to show if the left-turning driver was impaired)
    • Data recorder information from the left-turning driver’s car, if the vehicle is so equipped
    • Accident reconstruction

    What Compensation or Damages We May Be Able to Get You

    Whether we help you collect compensation from the insurance companies or take your case in front of a jury, in both situations, we are looking at getting you financial compensation to fully cover your expenses associated with the accident. These include:

    • Current and future medical bills
    • Lost wages
    • Loss of future wages if you are unable to work
    • Pain and suffering
    • Wrongful death
    • Extra damages if the accident was the result of a DUI
    • The cost to repair or replace your vehicle

    We will work with you, your medical providers, your employer, and other parties who may be able to help us come up with an appropriate amount of compensation to cover all of your losses. If someone in your family died as a result of a left-turn accident, we can file a wrongful death suit on your behalf.

    Our law firm has just one goal in mind — to get you the compensation you deserve.

    Talk to an Experienced Dallas Left-Turn Accident Lawyer for Free

    Consulting with an experienced Dallas left-turn accident lawyer is free and may be the smartest decision you make after your accident. At your initial consultation, we’ll talk with you about the accident details, the seriousness of your injuries, and any offers the insurance companies have already made. This information can help you decide how to move forward. Plus, you do not pay us anything unless we get you the compensation you deserve.

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