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    Injury Lawyer For Accidents Caused By A Dangerous Intersection In Dallas

    In big cities like Dallas, certain intersections between highly trafficked roads can be extremely dangerous. These intersections can create risks for accidents in a variety of ways, but injured people deserve compensation from the at-fault party when they are harmed in such a crash. By teaming up with skilled legal representatives like those at our firm, a Dallas car accident law firm, , an injured person and their family can work toward the best possible outcome in their claim and a compensation package that lets them move on with their lives.

    Dangerous intersections that seem to attract accidents can be a result of the number of vehicles that pass through those intersections. In other cases, they can be dangerous because of inherent issues on the roads themselves. Still, other intersections can host large amounts of car wrecks because of ongoing construction affecting the flow of traffic. In each of these situations, injured people should contact Dallas attorneys for assistance in pursuing justice.

    Responsible Parties in My Claim

    The fact patterns that surround your case can lead to different defendants. Finding the right party can make the difference between a successful personal injury claim and one that fails. Three likely scenarios can be found below.

    When My Accident is Caused by Risky Driving

    On average, most car accident injury claims that occur in dangerous intersections will be the fault of the opposing driver. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration lists a range of risky driving situations that can result in serious wrecks. For example, the opposing driver may be distracted by text messages or a phone call. A failure to pay attention to the layout of the intersection, and to the other vehicles crossing paths, can be another way in which the driver is at fault. A final example is when the driver tries to “beat” yellow light and instead runs through a red light.

    When My Accident Is Caused by Poorly Maintained Roadways

    In some cases, your accident may be the result of an inherent property of the road. Usually, the government is tasked with maintaining safety standards on roadways, and so the government may be liable for injuries caused by unsafe intersections. These cases are rare, and suing the government can be quite tricky, so it is highly recommended that you seek legal counsel from experienced Dallas dangerous intersection car crash attorneys before embarking on that journey.

    When My Accident is Caused by Construction

    Highway construction is a constant presence in a city as bustling as Dallas. Though construction companies are required to exercise safety precautions, such as signage for changing speeds, they may fail to abide by these regulations. If that is the case in your accident, it might be possible for you to pursue compensation from the company as the at-fault party for your injuries.

    Just as is the case when you sue the government, it is best to seek knowledgeable legal counsel when pursuing compensation from construction firms. Large corporations tend to have vast resources at their disposal, giving them access to skilled attorneys and making them formidable legal foes for laypeople.

    Important Reminders for My Claim

    After pinpointing the correct defendant from whom to pursue compensation, there are a few other concerns that you should remember. For example, you will need to know when to file your claim with the court and how much compensation is reasonable to pursue.

    My Claim’s Time Limit

    Personal injury claims do not last forever. In Texas, the statute of limitations for car accidents in dangerous intersections is two years. This means that you can file your claim within two years of the car crash that resulted in your injury. However, waiting past that two-year mark may mean that you lose the ability to pursue compensation from the opposing party. To ensure that your deadline does not run out, allow our firm, a Dallas car accident law firm, and our experienced personnel to handle the filing of your claim.

    My Compensation

    Damages for which you can pursue compensation are known as “compensable damages.” These include economic harms that directly affect your bank account, such as medical expenses and lost wages. They also include non-economic damages like loss of enjoyment in life, loss of consortium with your spouse, the pain you experience, the mental toll that your injury takes on you, the emotional distress of becoming disfigured, and similar harms.

    A third form of compensation is possible. Called “exemplary damages,” this is reserved for cases in which the jury decides that the defendant acted with particular malice or negligence. For example, the jury may award extra compensation when the at-fault driver was drinking and driving.

    I Can Get Counsel Today

    Finding the right legal representatives is crucial to your claim’s success and your peace of mind. That is why our firm, a Dallas car accident law firm, provides our clients with a FREE consultation to discuss the value and merit of your case. Our attorneys do not collect a fee unless we win you the compensation you deserve so that all injured people can pursue justice without worrying about the financial risk of legal action.

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