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    Injury Lawyer For Accidents Caused By A Wrong-Way Driver In Dallas, TX

    One of the most important rules of the road that keeps drivers safe is a uniform law regarding which side of the road should be used. In Texas, and throughout the United States, the law is that drivers must drive on the right side of the roadway. This is spelled out in Texas Transportation Code §545.051. Having a designated side of the road is crucial because it helps alleviate the risk of head-on collisions between drivers traveling in opposite directions. When a driver breaks this rule and operates their vehicle on the wrong side of the road, their actions can result in devastating crashes that cause significant injuries.

    Anyone injured in an accident caused by a wrong-way driver in Dallas should get in touch with the skilled attorneys at our firm, a Dallas car accident law firm, . Our litigators have worked with a wide range of clients who have suffered from serious injuries like:

    • Paralysis
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Traumatic Brain Injuries
    • Loss of limb
    • Burns
    • Broken bones

    Given our experience and our knowledge of local court systems, the wrong-way driver car accident injury lawyers we employ may be able to build a strong case for compensation on your behalf. It is imperative that you contact an attorney as soon after your accident as possible so that you do not miss any legal deadlines and so that evidence of your car wreck does not dissipate.

    Understanding My Damages

    One of the central parts of a personal injury claim is the cataloging of your damages. Your attorneys will create a list of the harms you suffer as a result of the wrong-way driver accident and build a repertoire of evidence to support your claim. The first step in understanding this process is understanding the different kinds of damages for which you can receive compensation.

    Economic Damages

    Financial woes that directly stem from your injury are considered economic damages. Since they are financial in nature, they often have monetary values already attached to them via a bill or receipt. Examples include items like your medical bills, the cost of repairing your vehicle, wages you lose due to your injury, and the loss of your ability to earn wages in the future.

    Non-Economic Damages

    Not all effects of an accident are monetary in nature, of course. You may experience subjective damages as well, and they need to be compensated by the person who caused your accident. Examples of these non-economic harms include your physical pain, mental trauma, loss of enjoyment in life, loss of consortium or companionship with a spouse, and similar problems. Though Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §41.0105 limits the amount of economic damages you can recover to their actual billed values, there is no limit to the amount a jury may award for your non-economic damages.

    Exemplary Damages

    Your claim can have an additional form of compensation called exemplary damages if it meets certain criteria. Essentially, a claim warrants this extra compensation if the at-fault driver is found to have acted with malice or with an extreme disregard for human safety. Normally reserved for egregious cases like those involving drunk driving, exemplary damages may be available in some wrong-way driver claims. Texas law limits exemplary damage recovery to the higher of the following two amounts:

    • $200,000
    • Twice your economic damage value, plus up to $750,000 of your non-economic damages

    Evidence My Lawyer Can Use

    When building a case for compensation, your wrong-way driver car accident injury attorney can gather and preserve different forms of evidence to show all of the damages you suffered and to show that the other driver was at fault for the accident. Since evidence can disappear over time, it is vital for you to contact our skilled lawyers as soon as possible so that no evidence is lost.

    Common forms of evidence in wrong-way driver accident claims include the police report, photos or video recordings of the scene, medical files, eyewitness testimony, accident reconstructionist testimony, testimony from your friends and family, and more.

    I Can Talk to a Wrong-Way Driver Accident Lawyer Today

    At our firm, a Dallas car accident law firm, , our attorneys are here to help you fight for the compensation that justice demands. We know that many people suffer extreme financial hardship after a serious injury, but we do not believe that this should prevent those people from getting the help they need. That is why we do not collect a fee unless we win your case, and it is also why we provide our clients with a FREE consultation to learn about the viability of your claim.

    If you are injured in a wrong-way driver car crash, get in touch with us as soon as possible. You can fill out the form on our contact page or call (469) 998-4069 to speak with a representative today.

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