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    Irving Truck Accident Lawyer

    Truck Accident Lawyers in Irving Irving Truck Accident

    Semi-trucks and 18-wheelers were involved in 475,000 accidents in 2016. 104,000 of these crashes caused injuries and 3,864 of them resulted in deaths, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

    Facts about truck accidents can be harrowing, but they aren’t as frightening as actually being involved in a wreck. Trucks are huge vehicles and they can completely destroy cars, trucks, vans, and motorcycles. Many truck accidents result in terrible injuries.

    It can be difficult getting the compensation you need if you are injured in a truck accident. Most trucking companies work with insurance agents that will try to deny you any compensation. You can fight against this cruel practice by working with an Irving truck accident lawyer today.

    Prepare to Fight after a Truck Accident

    In a perfect world, you would be able to rest and recover after a truck accident without having to worry about how you would pay your medical bills. The world we live in is not perfect, and you can end up refused fair compensation.

    Trucking companies carry insurance policies on their drivers. These policies are controlled by insurance agents that just want to protect their bottom line, which means not covering your pricey medical bills or the repair costs for your car.

    Fighting insurance agents and trucking companies for the funds you need can be impossible without professional help. You can count on a truck accident lawyer to take charge of your situation and protect you.

    Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help You in Irving

    The aftermath of a truck accident can be overwhelming. You will likely receive care from emergency services, but this doesn’t have to be the only help you get. A truck accident lawyer can start serving you immediately after a crash. Truck accident lawyers can:

    • Handle all communication with insurance companies
    • Investigate the crash and gather evidence
    • Interview eyewitnesses

    All of this hard work will be dedicated to either:

    • Settling your case
    • Winning in court

    In either case, a qualified truck accident lawyer will fight solely for your interests. You shouldn’t even have to pay legal fees before your lawyer wins your case or brings you a settlement.

    Get the Compensation You Need After a Truck Accident

    Many truck accident cases are settled with insurance companies before ever going before a judge. In fact, insurance agents sometimes make offers immediately after an accident. Keep in mind that these initial offers are often very low and not able to cover all of your bills. A truck accident lawyer can assess any offer to make sure it is fair before you accept it.

    Your case might also go to court. In order to win a court case, your lawyer will need to prove that the truck driver or the trucking company was at fault for the accident. Truck drivers frequently cause accidents by:

    • Breaking traffic laws or speeding
    • Driving while tired or drunk

    At other times, the trucking company itself could be to blame for the accident. These companies sometimes give drivers unsecured or overweight loads. They can also skip out on truck maintenance, which can lead to an accident.

    Your lawyer must be able to prove that the driver or trucking company was predominantly responsible for the accident. Because Texas is a modified comparative fault state, you could also be blamed for the accident. If you are found to be more than 50% at fault, you will be denied compensation.

    Insurance companies can also try to avoid paying your damages by claiming that your injuries were not caused by the accident. A truck accident lawyer can help fight off these accusations, so you can get the compensation you deserve.

    All of these actions must be taken quickly. Texas has a two-year statute of limitations on motor vehicle accident suits. This means that you only have 2 years to bring a suit against the truck driver or the trucking company.

    Pick a Truck Accident Lawyer You Can Count On

    You have many options for truck accident lawyers in Irving. Picking the right one can improve your odds of getting the damages you need. Law firms that have experience dealing with cases like yours will have a better chance of winning your case.

    You also deserve legal advice from someone you can trust. Finding a skilled truck accident lawyer you can talk to can make your case go easier. Make sure that you’re ready for court by picking the law team that’s right for you.

    Take Charge with an Irving Truck Accident Lawyer

    Contacting an Irving truck accident lawyer ensures you won’t have to face the trucking company and insurance agents on your own. Make sure you have help in your corner during this challenging period of your life.

    You can contact us today to get a FREE consultation about your options. We have experience beating insurance companies and we know which strategies can help you win your case in court. Get started today by filling out the online form on the right or calling (469) 998-4069.

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