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    Irving Spillage of Contents Accident Lawyer

    Spillage of Contents Accidents

    A “spillage of contents” accident occurs whenever a transport vehicle spills its cargo onto the road. These accidents usually happen due to negligence. If spilled contents cause you to crash your vehicle, you may be eligible for compensation.

    According to a AAA road debris study, objects on the road like spills or dropped cargo caused over 200,000 accidents in a three-year period. This included 39,000 injuries and over 500 fatalities. Experts determined that 37% of accident deaths occurred when drivers swerved to avoid spilled contents.

    If you have been in an accident involving spillage of contents, seek help today. With assistance from one of our Irving lawyers, you may be able to receive an accident settlement. Call (469) 998-4069 to discuss your case.

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    Common Accidents Involving Spillage of Contents

    Commercial transport vehicles are common in Texas cities like Irving. Cargo trucks, tankers, and delivery vans play an important role in the economy. They help businesses by shipping essential goods across the nation.

    As places like Irving expand, there are more transport vehicles on the road than ever before. Unfortunately, this means more accidents. More accidents mean more personal property damage, more injuries, and more deaths.

    Some of the worst car crashes happen when transport vehicles spill their contents onto the road. Often, these accidents occur without warning. Transport cargo comes loose and falls into the street, resulting in dangerous collisions.

    Common accidents involving spilled contents or fallen cargo include:

    • Front-impact collisions — These collisions occur when a car is unable to stop and hits fallen cargo head-on.
    • Rear collisions — In other cases, drivers must stop suddenly to avoid spillage of cargo. This may cause them to be rear-ended by another driver.
    • Rollover accidents — Often, drivers must swerve to dodge spilled contents, potentially causing their vehicle to spin out and roll over.
    • Multi-car pile-ups — Whenever there are fallen objects in a road, it creates the potential for crashes involving multiple drivers. Drivers may not have enough time to stop, resulting in a pile-up or “chain reaction” of rear impacts.

    Many spillage accidents also involve tanker trucks. These vehicles often haul hazardous liquids like gasoline, chlorine, and industrial acids. When spilled, these substances may cause explosions and release toxic fumes.

    Hazardous materials from toxic spills also hurt the environment. Roads may need to be closed while special hazmat teams clean up the chemicals. If a hazardous chemical spills near your home, you and your family may experience health problems.

    What Causes Spillage of Contents Accidents?

    These accidents may have multiple causes. However, contents usually spill due to human error or mechanical failure.

    Human Error

    Accidents happen when workers fail to secure cargo. They may cut corners and ignore safety protocols. They may also use low-quality security materials, such as cheap ropes instead of chains.

    In other situations, workers fail to consider how cargo may shift as a vehicle moves. The cargo can become dangerously unbalanced. When this happens, it can loosen chains or break secure ropes. Shifting cargo may also break the door of a truck trailer.

    For tankers, liquid cargo provides a different set of challenges. If tankers are not filled properly, the liquid inside will “slosh” once the truck begins driving.

    At high speeds, sloshing can cause the vehicle to tip over. If the tanker crashes due to sloshing, it may release dangerous chemicals or cause an explosion. These accidents are often fatal.

    Mechanical Failure

    Other spillage accidents occur due to mechanical failure. If the equipment designed to secure the cargo breaks, the cargo may come loose. Rust, metal fatigue, and weather damage can contribute to this problem.

    Additionally, content may be spilled if the truck itself experiences mechanical issues. For example, if an engine stalls while the truck is driving uphill, gravity may cause the cargo to spill.

    Mechanical issues also affect steering and braking. This can lead to accidents where the cargo truck spins out or tips over, causing a dangerous spill.

    Liability in Spillage of Contents Accidents

    Determining liability for a spillage of contents accident can be complicated. Often, there are multiple drivers involved in these accidents. It can also be difficult to prove what caused the cargo to spill.

    If you’ve been in a collision caused by spilled cargo, get the cargo truck driver’s full information. Usually, these drivers work for a shipping or construction company. In many cases, the company may share liability in an accident.

    For example, the company may be liable if the cargo spilled due to a mechanical problem. As the owner of the transport vehicle, they are legally required to keep it maintained. If they ignored repairs or did not have the vehicle inspected properly, the accident is their fault.

    As with any accident, you can help determine liability by documenting the scene. Take as many photos and videos as you can. Just be safe. Never walk into moving traffic or approach a burning vehicle to take a photo or video.

    If the accident involved hazardous chemicals, stay far away from the spill. Leave your vehicle if necessary. Toxic fumes and chemical burns aren’t worth the risk.

    Finally, remember to record a detailed statement about the accident. You can write it down, video yourself, or use an audio recorder. Be as detailed as possible. Your accident testimony may be useful for a future lawsuit.

    Find a Lawyer for Your Spillage of Contents Accident

    The right lawyer can help you fight for your rights. In the aftermath of a spillage of contents accident, you and your passengers may experience severe injuries. You may also be unable to work due to your accident. If this is true, you deserve compensation.

    Our Irving lawyers will hear you out, then help devise a legal strategy. With our assistance, you can fight for your rights. Get an accident settlement to cover expenses and compensate you for your pain and suffering. Contact us today at (469) 998-4069 for a free consultation.

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