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    Mansfield Spillage of Contents Accident Lawyer

    Mansfield Spillage of Contents Accident Lawyers

    Make sure you’re ready to get compensation after a spillage of contents accident in Mansfield. These accidents occur when trucks “spill” their cargo. Spilling cargo across the road can impact multiple vehicles, leading to major injuries and vehicle damage.

    Our Mansfield spillage of contents accident lawyers are prepared to help you seek compensation after these accidents. We’ll take charge of your legal needs so you can focus on recovering. Contact us to learn more by calling (469) 998-4069.

    Basic Information About Spillage of Contents Accidents

    Spillage of contents accidents in Texas generally involve large commercial trucks. Commercial trucks in our area transport a large number of items, including:

    • Logs
    • Concrete
    • Garbage
    • Packages
    • Fuel or gasoline

    Any kind of commercial truck could end up spilling its contents across the road. These accidents can occur if a truck overturns. The contents of a truck may also spill after a head-on, side-impact, or rear-end collision here in Mansfield.

    The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) keeps track of all of the commercial vehicle accidents that occur in the state every year. There were almost 40,000 commercial truck accidents in the year 2019 alone. These accidents took place across the state, including in the Mansfield area.

    Spillage of Contents Accidents Involving Dangerous Cargo

    Sometimes, commercial trucks in Mansfield end up transporting different kinds of dangerous cargo. Some vehicles in our area transport gasoline, for example. During a collision, the gasoline tank could end up ruptured. This could allow the gasoline to spill out and across the road.

    Gasoline is a flammable substance. When exposed to the right circumstances, gasoline can even explode. This means that some spillage of contents accidents are very dangerous.

    Gasoline is only one example of a dangerous substance that can spill in an accident. Some trucks transport chemicals that can cause illness or burns.

    We’re here to help if you were exposed to a dangerous substance during a truck accident. Just reach out to a Mansfield spillage of contents accident lawyer. Members of our team will start working on your case after you call (469) 998-4069.

    Cargo Loading and Mansfield Spillage of Contents Accidents

    Some spillage of contents accidents in Mansfield do not involve innately dangerous substances. However, any items that end up on the road during a collision can cause serious problems for drivers. Sometimes, contents end up spilling out of a truck that was not loaded properly.

    Trucking companies can end up causing a spillage of contents accident if they:

    • Do not secure cargo properly
    • Overload a cargo truck
    • Underload a cargo truck

    Failure to properly secure cargo can allow it to shift around in a truck. Underloading a cargo truck can have a similar effect. Underloading is especially serious when a truck carries a liquid load. Improperly filled trucks can run into problems when the liquid inside “sloshes” around.

    The sloshing movement can cause a truck to rock back and forth. This is very serious, especially if the truck has to make a sharp turn. The movement of the liquid could cause the truck to rollover.

    Overloading the truck often makes a vehicle over-heavy. This can lead to a number of serious problems for drivers. For example, trucks that are very heavy have a harder time stopping.

    Compensation for a Mansfield Spillage of Contents Accident

    You can take steps to get coverage for any losses you sustained in a spillage of contents collision here in Mansfield. Our team is standing by to offer you the assistance that you want. We know that drivers in your position often face high medical expenses.

    We’re here to help you get compensation for your economic damages, including:

    • Emergency medical care and an ambulance ride
    • Stay in a hospital, medical tests, and surgeries
    • Physical therapy and rehabilitation

    We’ll even work to bring you compensation for your medications, including antibiotics and pain medications. Additionally, we know that you may be unable to work during your recovery. We’ll work to bring you compensation for the wages you lost after a collision.

    You can also take steps to get compensation for your vehicle repairs. Accidents with large trucks in Mansfield can end up totaling your vehicle. We’re here to help if you need a new car or truck after a major accident.

    Finally, our team focuses on your pain and suffering after a truck accident in Mansfield. We’ll work to bring you damages to cover these non-economic losses. Find out more by contacting our truck accident lawyers right now.

    Your Spillage of Contents Accident Claim in Mansfield

    Legally, you can seek compensation after a spillage of contents collision in Mansfield. We know how to walk you through every step of your legal battle. We’ll gather evidence and construct a personalized claim for you. We’ll also step in and handle all negotiations with insurance agents here in Texas.

    Dealing with insurance agents can allow you to settle your claim out of court. Settling your claim allows you to get compensation in many cases. Staying out of court allows many drivers to receive compensation more quickly. You can also avoid court fees if you don’t go to court.

    However, there are times when insurance agents won’t treat you fairly. Some insurance companies can try to argue that:

    • You caused the accident
    • You weren’t hurt in the collision

    In these situations, your lawyer may advise you to take your claim to court. We’re here to help if you want to file a lawsuit after a spillage of contents accident. We’ll stand up for you from the time you contact us until your claim is resolved.

    Work with a Mansfield Spillage of Contents Accident Lawyer

    Don’t delay to get the legal help you want after a spillage of contents collision. We’re ready to begin answering all of your questions with a free consultation. Our spillage of contents accident lawyers in Mansfield will always put you first. We’ll work to secure you compensation for your losses following a collision.

    Get started by calling us at (469) 998-4069. We also have an online contact form.

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