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    Mansfield Fuel Truck Accident Lawyer

    Mansfield Fuel Truck Accident Lawyers

    We are ready to help you if you suffered an injury after you were struck by a fuel truck in Mansfield, Texas. We know these accidents are frequently very dangerous. Fuel truck collisions can even involve fires and explosions.

    Fortunately, you can get legal help immediately after a wreck. Begin working on a claim with a Mansfield fuel truck accident lawyer. You can easily contact us to get the help you want by calling (469) 998-4069. Let us focus on bringing your compensation for all of your losses, including your medical expenses.

    Fuel Trucks Are Commercial Vehicles in Texas

    Fuel trucks are very large vehicles. They generally include a front “cab” that contains the engine and the driver. These vehicles haul a large trailer, usually with a special cylindrical design. The trailer is used to move fuel products – such as gasoline – from one place to another.

    Technically, fuel trucks are a kind of commercial vehicle in Texas. They operate as part of a business structure. There are many accidents involving commercial vehicles every year in our state. There were over 39,000 commercial vehicle accidents in 2019, according to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

    We understand how to handle accidents involving commercial vehicles. We can stand up to the fuel truck company on your behalf. We know these businesses often work with high-powered insurance companies. We’ll take charge and deal with all communication with the trucking company and insurance representatives.

    Possible Reasons for a Mansfield Fuel Truck Accident

    Fuel truck accidents can happen in our area for a number of different reasons. These accidents are often caused by the operators of a fuel truck. These drivers can end up causing accidents if they are operating a vehicle while:

    • Fatigued
    • Distracted
    • Under the influence of drugs or alcohol

    However, these drivers must take a direct action to cause an accident to be liable for your collision. We’re ready to investigate the specific causes of your collision. Allow us to visit the scene of the accident and speak with witnesses. We’ll work to show that a fuel truck driver:

    • Exceeded the speed limit or took a turn too fast
    • Ignored a red light or a stop sign
    • Changed lanes without checking their blind spot
    • Pulled out or backed up improperly

    Take control of your future right away by contacting a Mansfield fuel truck accident lawyer. We’ll go over your legal options when you call us at (469) 998-4069.

    Mansfield Fuel Truck Accidents and Injuries

    We understand the hazards associated with a fuel truck accident in Mansfield. Our team knows that these accidents can endanger you if the fuel spills out of the truck. Fuel is a dangerous substance, especially if it is exposed to a spark.

    Fuel can sometimes catch on fire. It can also explode. These risks mean that fuel truck accidents can lead to burns and other serious injuries, including broken bones, cuts, and internal injuries. You should always get medical care quickly if you suffer an injury in a Mansfield fuel truck accident.

    Getting help quickly can help you get back your peace of mind after a collision with a fuel truck. It also works to show that the accident was responsible for your injuries. Make sure you seek medical care by visiting a hospital or calling emergency services.

    Compensation for a Mansfield Fuel Truck Accident

    You can file a claim for your damages with the insurance company after a collision involving a fuel truck in Mansfield. We can help you build a strong case before approaching insurance representatives. We’ll also handle communication with these agents for you.

    In many cases, our team can settle fuel truck accident claims outside of court. We’ll focus on negotiating a deal with insurance agents that can cover your:

    • Medical bills
    • Vehicle repairs
    • Pain and suffering
    • Time off at work

    What happens if insurance agents won’t treat you fairly and offer you enough compensation to cover all of your damages? In this case, you can decide to file a lawsuit against the fuel truck driver who struck you.

    We know how the court system works here in Mansfield. We’ll build a claim for you and take steps to secure a verdict in your favor.

    Talk to a Mansfield Fuel Truck Accident Lawyer Today

    Reach out to a fuel truck accident lawyer in Mansfield if you want legal help after a collision. Your future is in your hands. We’re ready to support you every step of the way. Just fill out our online contact form to get started. You can also call us at (469) 998-4069.

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