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    Mansfield Speeding Accident Lawyer

    Mansfield Speeding Accident Lawyers

    Speeding is a dangerous behavior that some truck drivers demonstrate here in Mansfield, Texas. Drivers who speed can end up causing collisions in our area. You could end up facing major losses if you are hit by a speeding driver in Mansfield.

    Fortunately, you can take steps to get compensation after one of these collisions. Just reach out to a Mansfield speeding accident lawyer right away. Members of our team are standing by to help you get damages for all of your losses when you call us at (469) 998-4069.

    Hazards Associated with Speeding in the U.S.

    Speeding makes it more difficult for drivers to safely operate their vehicles, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Speeding is so dangerous because it increases the odds that a driver will lose control of their vehicles. It also:

    • Lowers the effectiveness of safety devices like seatbelts
    • Increases the amount of time it takes for a truck to stop
    • Raises the severity of crashes in our area

    Speeding is a factor in more than a quarter of all the fatal traffic accidents that occur around the nation on a yearly basis. This means that we all need to be aware of the hazards associated with speeding. Truck drivers who exceed the speed limit in our area can end up causing:

    • Head-on collisions
    • Rear-end collisions
    • Side-impact collisions

    Speeding also increases the odds that a truck driver will cause a rollover accident. Rollover accidents occur when a truck tips over. Drivers are especially likely to rollover if they take a turn too quickly here in Mansfield.

    Reasons for Speeding in Mansfield

    Drivers in Mansfield exceed the speed limit for many different reasons. Some drivers are just impatient. They may be running late. Commercial drivers in our area often have to meet a strict schedule. Drivers who do not make their deliveries on time can face sanctions at work. This may cause them to speed.

    Other drivers get frustrated due to heavy traffic. As they become more irritated, they begin driving their vehicle more quickly. Some drivers are simply not concerned with driving laws regarding speed limits. They are used to speeding as they drive too fast for conditions.

    Regardless of the reasons for speeding, this behavior can lead to major accidents. Drivers can lose control while they are speeding. They may end up:

    • Hitting another vehicle because they cannot slow down in time
    • Swerving into another lane because they lost control of their vehicle
    • Rolling their truck over into other lanes of traffic

    We are here to help you after any speeding accident here in Mansfield. You can easily reach out to us if you call (469) 998-4069. Allow our Mansfield speeding accident lawyers to put you first, starting right now.

    Investigate a Mansfield Speeding Accident Claim

    Our team understands the steps to take if you were hurt in a speeding accident in Mansfield. We can get to work building a claim for you right away. We’ll begin by investigating what happened to determine who caused your accident. We can do this by:

    • Speaking to witnesses
    • Going over your police report
    • Working with accident reconstruction specialists

    We also know how important it is to show that the accident caused your injuries. Sometimes, insurance agents will argue that you are not actually hurt in an accident. You can help in this situation. Make sure that you get medical treatment right away if you are hurt. You should visit a doctor if you are dealing with:

    • Head or brain injuries
    • Back, neck, or spine injuries
    • Internal injuries

    Burns, broken bones, and cuts should also receive medical care. Getting help right away works to connect the injuries to your accident. We can use your medical records to support your truck accident claim here in Mansfield.

    Get Damages for a Speeding Accident in Mansfield

    Drivers often want to receive damages to cover their losses after a Mansfield speeding accident. We are ready to help you seek the compensation you want to cover all of your losses. We’ll focus on your economic losses, such as your:

    • Healthcare expenses
    • Lost wages at work
    • Costs to repair or replace your vehicle

    However, we also know that drivers in your situation can get non-economic damages. These damages are associated with your pain and suffering. We understand the formulas used to calculate the value of non-economic damages here in Mansfield. This allows us to estimate the compensation you’ll receive for things like your mental anguish.

    You can also get exemplary damages in some situations. Exemplary damages are a special kind of compensation. They are supposed to punish the driver who caused your collision in Mansfield. Discuss forms of damage you could receive with a truck accident lawyer.

    Handle Your Speeding Accident Claim in Texas

    We’re ready to address all of your legal needs after you are hit by a speeding truck driver in Mansfield. Contact us if you’d like to settle your claim with insurance agents. We’re ready to deal with insurance representatives on your behalf.

    You can count on us to assess any settlement offers made by insurance companies. We’ll wait until you reach the point of maximum recovery to resolve your case. This allows us to make sure that all of your losses are appropriately covered.

    If you accept a settlement before you are healed, you cannot request further compensation, even if you need additional medical treatment.

    Our team also has the legal know-how and experience to deal with a court case here in Mansfield. Some drivers want to file a lawsuit after they are hit by a truck driver. We’re here to assist you in this situation.

    Talk to a Mansfield Speeding Accident Lawyer

    You can begin getting legal help immediately after a speeding accident in Mansfield by contacting our team. We’re here to help if you call (469) 998-4069 or complete our online contact form.

    Our Mansfield speeding accident lawyers will build a claim for you after you are hit by a truck. You can start reviewing all of your legal options right now with a free consultation.

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