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    Mansfield Concrete Truck Accident Lawyer

    Mansfield Concrete Truck Accident Lawyers

    Don’t wait to get help if you were hit by a concrete truck in Mansfield, Texas. Take immediate steps to build a claim or lawsuit and get compensation to cover your losses. Our team is standing by to help you get damages to address your:

    • Healthcare expenses
    • Time off at work
    • Vehicle repair costs

    A Mansfield concrete truck accident lawyer can put you first after a collision. We’ll work to present your claim to insurance agents. We also know how to help you file a lawsuit here in Mansfield. Learn more by calling us at (469) 998-4069.

    Find Out More About Concrete Truck Accidents

    There are a lot of concrete truck accidents around the country every year. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) tracks all of these accidents. In the year 2018, there were over 800 tow-away accidents involving concrete trucks.

    Concrete trucks were also involved in more than 600 injury accidents in the U.S. These trucks were part of 26 fatal collisions around the country.

    All of these accidents were unique. That’s why we’re here to provide you with personalized support if you got hit by a concrete truck.

    You can also contact us if a family member got hurt in a concrete truck collision. We’ll start working on your unique legal situation right away.

    Hazards Associated with Concrete Truck Operation

    Concrete trucks are often difficult for drivers to safely operate in our area. These trucks are very tall, very long, and very heavy. They often have a hard time stopping quickly. Additionally, there are numerous blind spots around a concrete truck.

    Concrete truck operators also have to deal with the spinning drum of the truck. Wet concrete is carried in this drum. The spinning of the drum keeps the concrete from hardening. However, the movement of the concrete can also cause the truck to become unbalanced.

    Any of these factors can end up causing a concrete truck accident in Mansfield.

    These accidents also occur when truck drivers operate their vehicles in a dangerous way. Some drivers will speed or run red lights, for example.

    We’re ready to assess the unique causes of your accident. You can easily get legal help investigating the accident by calling (469) 998-4069. Start working with a concrete truck accident lawyer in Mansfield immediately.

    Get Damages for a Mansfield Concrete Truck Accident

    We are standing by to help if you were struck by a concrete truck here in Mansfield. Our team is familiar with the kind of compensation you can get after a wreck. We’ll focus specifically on your medical expenses. In can include the costs for:

    • An ambulance ride
    • Treatment from an EMT
    • Care in a hospital
    • Physical therapy and rehabilitation

    We know that medical expenses are only one loss associated with a concrete truck accident in Mansfield. We’ll help you collect the statements and bills that show that your losses were caused by the accident.

    You can also take steps to get damages to cover your vehicle repair costs. We’ll even help if your vehicle got totaled in a concrete truck accident.

    We know how to assess your losses to ensure they are properly covered. Some drivers in Mansfield even seek compensation for their pain and suffering.

    Handle a Concrete Truck Accident Claim in Mansfield

    You have two major options to get compensation after a concrete truck accident in Mansfield. The majority of drivers choose to settle their claims out of court. This means you need to work with the insurance company.

    Our team will handle insurance representatives for you. We’ll review all offers made by the insurance company and turn them down if they offer you improper compensation. Allow us to carry out negotiations to bring you a fair settlement.

    We can also help if you want to bring a lawsuit against the driver who struck you. Going to court has a few drawbacks in Texas. For one thing, you can end up facing very high court fees. Also, it usually takes longer to handle a court case than it does to settle a claim.

    Learn more about your options by contacting us today.

    Get Help from a Mansfield Concrete Truck Accident Lawyer

    Allow a Mansfield concrete truck accident lawyer to handle all of your legal needs after a collision. Our team of experienced truck accident lawyers will work to build your claim and keep you up-to-date about your claim. This allows you to focus on healing from your injuries.

    Find out more by contacting us to get a free consultation about your case. You can easily reach us if you call (469) 998-4069. We will also help if you fill out our online contact form.

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