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    Mansfield Fatigue Accident Lawyer

    Mansfield Fatigue Accident Lawyers

    Don’t wait to get legal assistance if you were struck by a fatigued truck driver in Mansfield, Texas. Get to work on building a claim right away. Members of our team understand the dangers associated with driving while fatigued.

    We’ll take immediate steps to handle all of your legal needs after an accident. You can easily reach out to a Mansfield fatigue accident lawyer. Just call (469) 998-4069. Our team can focus on bringing you compensation for your medical expenses, vehicle repairs, and other losses.

    Find out how by calling us today.

    Get the Facts About Fatigue Accidents in the U.S.

    Driver fatigue is very dangerous. However, many drivers do not realize the full dangers associated with driving while exhausted. In many cases, fatigue has an effect similar to the ingestion of alcohol, according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF). Studies have indicated that drivers who were awake for more than:

    • 18 hours were as impaired as a driver with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.05%
    • 24 hours were as impaired as a driver with a BAC of 0.10%

    It’s useful to know that the legal BAC limit in Texas is 0.08%. This means that drivers who were awake for more than a day are like drivers who are legally impaired by alcohol. This makes sense when we consider the number of crashes caused by fatigued drivers every year. These drivers cause around:

    • 71,000 injuries every year
    • 1,550 fatalities every year

    However, the above numbers are only estimates. This is because there is no test that accurately measures a driver’s fatigue. Police officers often underreport fatigued driver accidents, because they do not know for sure that a driver is over-tired.

    Liability for Fatigue Accidents in Mansfield

    You can get compensation if someone else caused your fatigue accident in Mansfield. However, a lawyer needs to show that someone else was at-fault for the accident to bring you damages. Driving while fatigued alone is not enough to cause a collision. A truck driver has to take a direct action that leads to your accident.

    Some truck drivers cause fatigue accidents if they:

    • Fall asleep and drift across into another lane
    • Drive too quickly or tailgate other drivers
    • Fail to pay attention because they are tired
    • Swerve between lanes or fail to check their blind spots when backing up

    These are only examples of causes of fatigue accidents here in Mansfield. We will go over the specific nature of your accident while we work to build a claim for you. Find out more by reaching out to a fatigue accident lawyer in Mansfield. Call (469) 998-4069 and allow us to help you.

    We’ll Investigate a Fatigue Accident in Mansfield

    As we mentioned, it’s very difficult to prove that a driver was tired at the time of a collision. Our team focuses on investigating the direct causes of your accident. We can handle your claim by:

    • Visiting the scene of the accident ourselves
    • Reviewing the report filed by police officers after your accident
    • Speaking to all eyewitnesses
    • Working with accident reconstruction technicians

    We know how to handle legal claims for drivers in your situation. We’ll work to show that another driver was at-fault for your accident. If possible, we’ll also take steps to show that the other driver was operating a vehicle while tired.

    Many truck drivers operate their vehicles while fatigued because they drive for long periods of time. We may be able to show that a driver drove for hours at a time, which could indicate that they were fatigued. Allow us to get started by contacting a truck accident lawyer in Mansfield right now.

    Seek Damages for a Mansfield Fatigue Accident

    Drivers hit by a fatigued trucker often end up dealing with expensive losses. Fortunately, you have the chance to seek compensation for your losses by working with a fatigue accident lawyer in Mansfield. Members of our team know how to help you get compensation for your:

    • Current and future healthcare expenses
    • Wages lost at work
    • Diminished earning potential
    • Vehicle repair costs
    • Costs to replace a totaled vehicle
    • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish

    We’ll go over all losses you sustained as a result of a fatigue accident involving a large truck. This allows us to ensure that you get fair damages for your losses. We can even take steps to help you get exemplary damages in some situations. These damages are supposed to punish the driver who hit you in Mansfield.

    Your Options for a Fatigue Accident Claim in Mansfield

    Not all fatigue accident claims in Mansfield are handled in the same way. However, the majority of drivers decide to settle their claim with insurance agents.

    There are a number of benefits associated with settling a claim. Accepting a settlement allows you to:

    • Avoid high court fees
    • Get compensation more quickly than going to court

    Settling a claim often requires a period of negotiations with insurance agents here in Mansfield. We can take care of these negotiations for you. Our team knows how to deal with insurance representatives from all major insurance companies here in Mansfield.

    We’re ready to stand up for you. We can review all settlement offers made by insurance agents with a fine-toothed comb. We can reject any settlements that are not fair to you. This allows us to go back to the negotiating table to work for a better deal.

    We also know that now all truck accident claims are handled outside of court. If you want to file a lawsuit against the driver who hit you, we are standing by. We’ll present your case in front of a judge and jury here in Mansfield.

    Work with a Mansfield Fatigue Accident Lawyer Today

    Contact members of our team after you get hit by a fatigued driver in Mansfield. Our team will provide you with comprehensive legal help for all of your needs. We can dig into the causes of your accident and collect evidence.

    Find out more by calling (469) 998-4069. We also have an online contact form for you. Take immediate action with a fatigue accident lawyer in Mansfield.

    We’ll focus on all your needs with a free consultation.

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