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    Mesquite Accident Caused by Fatigue Lawyer

    Fatigue Accidents

    Fatigue makes it challenging for drivers to operate their vehicles safely. Tired drivers may have difficulty concentrating. They might even fall asleep at the wheel and lead to a major collision here in Mesquite, TX. Fortunately, you can seek compensation if you were hurt by a truck driver experiencing fatigue.

    Start working on getting compensation by contacting an accident caused by fatigue lawyer in Mesquite. A member of our law firm can get to work on your case today. Call us at (469) 998-4069 to focus on securing damages for your medical expenses and other losses.

    Review Statistics on Accidents Caused by Fatigue

    As mentioned, fatigue is a serious issue on the roads around the country. Drivers who experience fatigue are not able to focus on the road as well. They may also have slower reaction times or even fall asleep while driving.

    Fatigue is responsible for thousands of accidents every year. Facts about these accidents are reported by the Insurance Information Institute (III). According to the III, in the year 2017 there were:

    • Around 90,000 fatigue-related crashes reported to the police.
    • Around 50,000 people hurt in fatigue-related crashes.
    • Around 4,000 people were killed in fatigue-related crashes.

    Truck drivers can experience fatigue while operating their vehicles. These drivers are often expected to drive for long periods of time. They may have to sleep in their trucks, which could cause them to get insufficient rest. These factors could lead to fatigue-related truck accidents in Mesquite.

    Fault for Fatigue-Related Accidents in Mesquite

    Driving while fatigued is a potentially dangerous activity. However, fatigued driving alone does not result in liability for an accident in Mesquite. Other drivers must take a direct action resulting in your accident to hold liability for the collision.

    Drivers experiencing fatigue may cause an accident if they dangerously swerve across lanes. They might also rear-end vehicles in front of them if they doze off at the wheel. Some drivers react too slowly to other vehicles or traffic signals, leading to an accident.

    An accident caused by fatigue lawyer in Mesquite will investigate your case to determine what caused your accident. You can count on a truck accident lawyer to:

    • Speak with eyewitnesses.
    • Review your police report.
    • Visit the accident location.
    • Work with accident reconstruction specialists.

    Take charge of your future after an accident involving driver fatigue by reaching out to us. It’s easy to reach us after a collision — just call (469) 998-4069. We’re prepared to dig into the facts surrounding the causes of your accident.

    Injuries Caused by a Fatigue Accident in Mesquite

    A truck accident caused by fatigue may cause you serious injuries in Mesquite. Trucks are large vehicles that often crush smaller vehicles. You could end up in the hospital to get treatment for:

    • Head and brain injuries.
    • Neck, back, and spinal cord injuries.
    • Internal injuries.
    • Broken bones, burns, and lacerations.

    Be sure to visit a medical professional if you were hurt in a fatigue accident. Getting medical care quickly might show that your injuries were a direct result of the accident. This could help your lawyer secure damages for your losses.

    Note that you should not downplay the severity of your injuries to insurance agents after a fatigue accident. Insurance representatives may attempt to diminish your compensation if you say you are “fine” after an accident, for example.

    Build a Claim After a Mesquite Accident Caused by Fatigue

    Begin working with a lawyer right away after an accident caused by fatigue in Mesquite. A lawyer can help you review your legal options to seek compensation. In many cases, you could get compensation through a:


    Settlements are agreements reached with insurance companies that allow you to get compensation without a courtroom battle. You may get damages for your medical expenses, vehicle repairs, and lost wages through a settlement. Have a lawyer review any settlement you are offered by insurance agents to make sure it’s fair to you.


    In some cases, insurance agents won’t treat you fairly after a fatigue accident. Your lawyer might then advise you to file a lawsuit. This could allow you to seek full compensation for your losses through the court system in Mesquite.

    Take Charge with a Mesquite Accident Caused by Fatigue Lawyer

    Work to get damages for your losses following an accident involving a fatigued trucker. Just reach out to an accident caused by fatigue lawyer in Mesquite for help. A member of our team can get to work on your case today. Learn more with a free consultation.

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