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    Mesquite Personal Injury Lawyer

    When a person is injured due to a random, unpreventable accident, that is a tragedy.

    What should you do if you become a victim of negligence ?

    When the person’s accident was not random and was caused by the actions or negligence of another individual, the tragedy also comes with a sense of injustice. Luckily, Texas and Mesquite law is on the side of the injured person and they may be eligible for significant compensation from the at-fault party. At our firm, a Dallas car accident law firm, we employ Mesquite personal injury attorneys who may be able to help injured clients receive the justice and the compensation they need to set their lives in order again.

    Common Personal Injury Claims

    A personal injury claim can be brought against a negligent person in many different scenarios. For example, a person injured in a slip and fall accident may be able to pursue compensation from the property owner, be it a store, corporation, or private citizen. Instances of faulty products or dangerous drugs are also considered personal injury claims, as are bicycle accidents.

    However, some of the most common claims involve injuries sustained in car wrecks, such as head-on collisions or rear-end crashes. Some of these car accident cases can come with their own complications, which is why it is important that an injured person seek the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer in Mesquite rather than trying to handle the claim by themselves.

    Accidents Involving Rideshare Companies

    In the gig economy, many workers are turning to rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft to make extra cash as a side job. This influx of what are effectively private taxis may lead to an increase in car accidents as less experienced drivers seek to earn more money. Since rideshare conglomerates tend to have many times more resources than the injured person and can afford their own investigators and attorneys, it is best not to go up against them alone. Get in touch with one of our Mesquite personal injury lawyers to help with these cases.

    Types of Catastrophic Injuries in Mesquite, TX Truck Accident Cases

    Sometimes, car accidents may involve particularly big vehicles like buses and tractor-trailers. Due to the increased weight of these vehicles, the propensity of unsecured cargo to shift, and the difficulties involved in slowing down or stopping a bus or truck, these personal injury claims may involve catastrophic injuries such as:

    • Broken bones
    • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
    • Loss of limb
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Paralysis

    Also, some buses and trucks may be the property of the municipal or state government, in which case extra caution must be taken to adhere to stricter requirements for a claim. Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code §101.021 gives citizens the right to sue the government for these injuries, but it is best to get the aid of a skilled Mesquite personal injury lawyer to ensure that the case is handled correctly.

    Accidents Involving Egregious Negligence

    Not all personal injury claims are equal. While most cases will deal with limited amounts of damages, some cases are deemed to involve incredibly unsafe or particularly negligent behavior and may qualify for extra compensation known as “exemplary damages.” The jury decided when to award this extra payout, but these rare cases tend to include acts like drunk driving.

    With the recent passage of House Bill 62, driving while operating a cell phone messaging system is now illegal. This means that juries are able to award these extra punitive damages in personal injury claims that involve texting while driving as well. To make sure that you pursue all avenues of compensation and work to receive a fair amount for the negligence that led to your injuries, speak with one of our Mesquite personal injury attorneys at our firm, a Dallas car accident law firm, today.

    How can I recover compensation from a personal injury accident in Mesquite, TX?

    When determining the amount of compensation paid to an injured person after a successful trial, Texas courts use a theory called proportionate responsibility or comparative negligence. Though an injured person can recover compensation for economic damages like lost wages and medical bills as well as non-economic damages like the value of their pain and suffering, this theory allows the court to adjust the total amount paid to them according to how much responsibility they have in the case.

    How Texas Defines “Proportionate Responsibility”?

    The two most important aspects to understand about proportionate responsibility in Mesquite courts are the following:

    • A person is not barred from pursuing compensation as long as they are not more than 50% to blame for the accident
    • A person’s total compensation will be reduced by their share of fault

    For example, an injured person may be 20% to blame for an accident that caused them $10,000 in damages. Instead of the full amount, the person in this scenario would be able to recover $8,000 since the court ruled that they are responsible for the remaining $2,000. Contact a Mesquite Truck Accident Lawyer Today to Discuss Your Case.

    Speak with Mesquite Personal Injury Lawyers Now

    If you are injured in any kind of accident involving another person’s negligence, get in touch with one of the Mesquite personal injury attorneys at our firm, a Dallas car accident law firm, as soon as possible. We may be able to help you reduce the percentage of blame you own for the accident, increase your available compensation, negotiate with difficult opposing attorneys, and bring the case to court if need be. Importantly, we do not collect a fee until you get compensated for your injuries!

    To get a FREE, confidential consultation on your claim, call 469-998-4069, or fill out the form on our contact page. We look forward to helping you win your case.

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