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    Mesquite Uninsured Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

    Uninsured Motorcycle Accidents

    Sometimes, uninsured drivers cause accidents in Mesquite, TX. Uninsured drivers could be operating any vehicle in our area, including motorcycles. You may want to seek compensation if you were struck by an uninsured motorcyclist.

    Start working to get damages in this situation by contacting a Mesquite uninsured motorcycle accident lawyer. A lawyer can help you review your options to get compensation. Find out more by calling us at (469) 998-4069. We’re ready to assess your case right now.

    Facts About Uninsured Motorists in Texas

    Legally, all drivers in Texas are supposed to carry insurance. Drivers need to have an auto insurance policy that covers vehicle repair costs and medical expenses in the event of an accident. Unfortunately, some drivers do not adhere to these rules.

    The Insurance Information Institute (III) monitors the number of uninsured drivers found in different states. According to the III, around 14% of drivers in Texas do not carry auto insurance. This makes Texas the state with the 16th highest number of uninsured drivers.

    Steps to Take if You’re Hit by an Uninsured Motorcyclist in Mesquite

    You may not know what to do next if you are struck by an uninsured motorcyclist in Mesquite. Sometimes, drivers without insurance could try to convince you to just exchange information and move on. They might ask you not to notify the police or your insurance company. Despite these requests, it’s generally recommended that you:

    Notify the Police

    Informing the police that an accident occurred allows them to come out to the scene of the accident. They will then file a report about what happened. This report will prove that the accident happened, which could help you get compensation. They may also charge the motorcyclist with driving without insurance.

    Get Medical Attention

    Make sure you seek treatment for your injuries if you were hurt in a motorcycle accident. We understand that motorcyclists often suffer more serious injuries in a collision. This does not mean that you will not experience injuries, as well.

    Gather Evidence at the Scene

    It’s important that you collect as much evidence from the scene of the accident as possible before you leave. You may want to:

    • Take pictures of your injuries and vehicle damage.
    • Get contact information from witnesses.
    • Exchange information with the motorcyclist.

    Taking these steps will allow you to provide your lawyer with information after a collision.

    Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

    It’s generally a good idea to get legal help on your side after a collision with a motorcyclist in Mesquite. A lawyer can help even if the other driver does not have insurance. Start working with a Mesquite uninsured motorcycle accident lawyer now. Just call (469) 998-4069.

    Focus on Compensation for a Mesquite Uninsured Motorcyclist Accident

    Many drivers worry that they will not get compensation if they are hit by an uninsured driver. You can still get damages in this situation. In many cases, you could get compensation through your own insurance policy.

    You may have uninsured/underinsured driver insurance as part of your auto insurance policy in Mesquite. This form of insurance could help you get damages to cover your:

    • Current and future medical expenses.
    • Lost wages and diminished earning potential.
    • Costs to repair your vehicle.
    • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish.

    A lawyer may help you file a claim with your insurance company. Your insurance agents will probably try to limit the compensation you receive after an accident in an uninsured motorcycle rider. A lawyer will review your policy and can help you file a claim to get damages for your losses.

    Consider Other Legal Option to Get Compensation in Mesquite

    Some uninsured motorcyclists may offer to pay you out-of-pocket for your medical expenses and vehicle repairs. However, any such agreement would not be legally binding. You might not get any coverage for your losses if you make a handshake deal.

    Therefore, it’s recommended that you report the accident to both the police and your insurance company. You could even take steps to get compensation by filing a lawsuit against the driver in court.

    Contact a Mesquite Uninsured Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Now

    An uninsured motorcycle accident lawyer in Mesquite can help you seek compensation after an accident. You don’t have to wait to get help after this kind of accident. Just reach out to us by completing our online contact form or call (469) 998-4069. Find out more about your legal situation with a free consultation.

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