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    Fort Worth Fuel Truck Accident Lawyer

    Fuel Truck Accidents

    Drivers of fuel trucks in the Fort Worth, Texas area know they must drive especially carefully on shared roadways. Whether they carry gasoline, diesel, or another kind of fuel, these trucks carry highly flammable materials that should never be anywhere near a flame. Unfortunately, fires commonly accompany car accidents, which is why these drivers receive training to help them vigilantly avoid such situations.

    Yet even when drivers are trying to be safe, accidents happen. While we may feel angry at the other driver upon getting into an accident, the accident might not be the other driver’s fault at all. There may be a problem with the truck or an unsafe roadway condition that was otherwise impossible to avoid.

    Still, this is no excuse, and you should not have to bear the costs of an accident, or suffer any associated injuries, without some form of recompense. A Fort Worth fuel truck accident lawyer can help you understand your rights in an accident lawsuit, as well as advise you on how much of a settlement amount is acceptable. Call us today at (469) 998-4069 for more info.

    Why Fuel Truck Accidents Are More Dangerous

    A fuel truck crash can be more dangerous than your average car accident. There are several reasons for this. For one thing, there is the size and weight of the truck versus even the largest pickup truck out there. For another, it is also carrying a highly flammable liquid – and lots of it. This not only adds to the level of danger but also the weight involved in the impact of the accident.

    Interestingly, fuel trucks do not always carry fuel. Sometimes they carry non-flammable liquids like milk or water. However, no matter what is in the tank on that truck, it adds to the overall weight of the truck, which can be catastrophic for you if you get into an accident with it.

    If the truck is carrying a flammable liquid, this increases your chances of suffering third-degree burns in addition to broken bones and even hearing or vision damage from the force of the impact. None of this is good, which is why a fuel truck accident is one of the worst kinds of accidents that can happen on the road.


    Unlike other kinds of trucks, fuel trucks come with a different kind of problem all their own that experts call “sloshing.” Sloshing refers to the liquids in the tank of the truck moving around violently, or “sloshing”, if the tank contains less than three-quarters of contents. When the contents “slosh,” this increases the chances the driver will cause a collision or fatal accident. This is because the contents alter the distribution of weight in the truck, making it more difficult to control.

    It is therefore especially important that you, as the driver, drive carefully around fuel trucks. Stopping suddenly in front of one of these trucks can cause the driver to slam on their brakes, which will cause the contents in the truck to slosh. Even experienced fuel truck drivers have caused accidents due to sloshing.

    Determining Fault

    It is important to establish who is at fault in any kind of traffic collision. This is because the court will direct the at-fault party to pay a certain amount for your damages and injuries. If both parties were at fault, or even if you caused the accident, you may still qualify for some form of compensation. A Fort Worth fuel truck accident lawyer can consult with financial analysts to determine exactly how much they expect you to receive. Then, we will help you fight for it.

    If you caused the accident, you may want to give more thought to hiring a fuel truck accident lawyer to help you with your case. The court may not want to hear your side and may either throw out your case or award everything the other party is asking for. However, in most truck accidents, just like with car accidents, establishing fault is not always a cut-and-dry affair.

    In addition to the truck driver and yourself, there may be other parties who share in the blame for the accident. This includes the company that hired the driver, the company that trained them, the company that owns the truck, and the manufacturer of the truck’s parts.

    These kinds of lawsuits can get very complicated very quickly. Do not wade through the weeds alone. Let a Fort Worth fuel truck accident lawyer help.

    A Fort Worth Fuel Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help Make You Whole Again. Call Us Now!

    Getting into an accident with a fuel truck sounds terrifying, and the moment it happens it is exactly that. If you were lucky enough to walk away from an accident with such a dangerous truck, then you should not stop there. We can help you fight for your rights and force the other driver to pay for their mistakes.

    Give the experienced Fort Worth fuel truck accident lawyers on our team a call today at (469) 998-4069. We guarantee a free consultation with no obligation to retain us, so what do you have to lose? We do not collect any fees unless you win, so call us today and let’s get started!

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