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    Fort Worth Garbage Truck Accident Lawyer

    Garbage Truck Accidents

    A garbage truck accident in the Fort Worth, Texas area is just as serious as an accident involving a school bus or a big rig. It also comes with the same complications.

    For instance, if you choose to file a lawsuit against the other driver, the other driver is not the only party. You also have to include the driver’s insurance company, the company that owns the garbage truck, and that company’s insurance company. This is a lot of power to go up against on your own – especially when they have a war chest to dip into for litigation purposes.

    However, insurance companies are no match for our Fort Worth garbage truck accident lawyers. We have gone up against some of the most powerful companies in the area – and won. If you are considering filing a lawsuit against the garbage truck driver who hit you, do not do it alone. Call us at (469) 998-4069, even if you just need advice. You are under no obligation to hire us even after your initial consultation.

    Causes of Garbage Truck Accidents

    You may be wondering how a crash involving a garbage truck can happen at all. Though, with so many of these large trucks around, it is a wonder they do not happen more often. While garbage trucks travel slower than cars, accidents are still possible because they travel the same roads passenger cars do.

    Here are some of the more common causes of accidents involving garbage trucks.

    Distracted or Impaired Drivers

    A garbage truck accident, just like a regular car accident, can happen if the driver is operating unsafely. They may be under the influence or distracted while driving.

    Garbage truck drivers get up early in the morning, sometimes starting work as early as 3:00 a.m., and their shifts are long. It is not uncommon for a garbage truck driver to feel tired while driving. This can, of course, affect their ability to drive.

    Stopping Short

    You have to be careful when driving around a garbage truck. These trucks need to make sudden stops, and often, to collect garbage from the stops on their routes. Garbage trucks are therefore naturally more dangerous than other cars on the road because they constantly duck in and out of traffic.

    Similarly, other drivers on the road can cause an accident by swerving around or passing a garbage truck. However, depending on what the garbage truck may be doing, this might still be the fault of the garbage truck. It is important for you to get a police report that details exactly what happened at the site of the accident.

    Blind Spots

    Just like big rigs and school buses, garbage trucks have blind spots. The time of day can also impact the driver’s ability to drive safely. This is especially true for garbage trucks since they often drive during the early morning hours when it is still dark outside. If you happen to be in the driver’s blind spot, especially during the early morning, you are more likely to get into an accident with a garbage truck.

    Maintenance Issues

    When trucking companies do not take proper care of their trucks, this can lead to parts breaking down. If a garbage truck collides with your car and you decide to sue, we can help you get copies of the inspection reports and other documents proving when the truck last received maintenance. This can be a crucial factor in determining the outcome of your case.

    Types of Garbage Trucks

    You may be surprised to learn there are different kinds of garbage trucks out there. Each garbage truck can carry different kinds of garbage, which can affect how much damage they cause when a collision occurs, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). For instance, some garbage trucks carry leaf and brush waste, while others contain heavier building materials that can pack a harder punch in an accident.

    In the Fort Worth area, you can expect to see the following kinds of garbage trucks.

    Front Loaders

    Front-loading garbage trucks typically cart garbage for businesses, schools, and large apartment buildings. These are the garbage trucks you see in complexes that lift heavy dumpsters with hydraulic forks to empty their contents into the truck. A front-loading garbage truck can weigh a little over 7 tons.

    Rear Loaders

    Rear-loading garbage trucks typically weigh around 17 tons (over 17,000 lbs.) when they are empty. So, imagine how heavy they are once they pick up waste. If a truck that weighs this much then hits a compact car, it is easy to understand the kind of damage it can leave in its wake.

    Side Loaders

    Side-loading garbage trucks weigh almost as much as rear loaders do. You may have seen side loaders pull right up to a garbage can or dumpster without needing to back up to get to the contents. This kind of garbage truck can also cause catastrophic damage if it slams into another car.

    If You Were in a Garbage Truck Accident in Fort Worth, Texas, Call Us!

    You probably never wake up thinking you will get into an accident with a garbage truck, and yet these things happen. When they do, it is important for you to hold the other driver accountable. When you drive a truck that large, you must always operate it safely or suffer the consequences.

    A Dallas car accident lawyer can help you with your case. We can uncover and show the court evidence you might have otherwise missed if you had represented yourself – evidence that can change the outcome of your case in a big way. Give our team a call today at (469) 998-4069 for a no-obligation consultation and get the compensation you deserve!

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