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    Fort Worth Dump Truck Accident Lawyer

    Dump Truck Accidents

    Dump truck accidents in Fort Worth, Texas are severe at best, and fatal at worst. A dump truck can weigh up to 400 tons – not something you want to find yourself in an accident with. This extra weight adds significant impact in an accident, which means that an accident that would otherwise be a fender-bender can severely damage your car and injure everyone inside it.

    If your car suffered damage in an accident with a dump truck, or if you were seriously injured, do not suffer in silence. A Fort Worth dump truck accident lawyer can help you recoup your losses and fight for a reasonable settlement. Call a Fort Worth dump truck accident lawyer today at (469) 998-4069 for more information.

    Types of Dump Trucks

    Dump trucks can transport a variety of materials, from gravel and sand to coal. There are standard dump trucks, which use hydraulic systems to lift their beds and dump their loads. You typically see these kinds of dump trucks at construction sites.

    However, did you know there are different kinds of dump trucks out there? The type of dump truck matters when you are in an accident because different dump trucks can cause different levels of damage.

    For instance, there is the transfer dump truck, which has a trailer attached to it. A semi-trailer end dump truck is larger and weighs more than your standard dump truck. It also has additional axles. Side dump trucks do as their name would imply and dump their loads from the side. Haul trucks are among the largest dump trucks on the road and can carry an additional 400 tons of cargo.

    As you can see, getting into a collision with a haul truck is considerably worse than the damage you would sustain in an accident with a standard dump truck, and it can even result in a fatal accident.

    Dump Truck Accidents

    Dump trucks can cause significantly more damage traveling at the same rate of speed as your average car. If you are driving a smaller car, you are more likely to suffer severe damage or injury in a crash with a dump truck.

    Not only that, but it takes dump trucks longer to stop. If someone cuts off a dump truck and the driver must stop short, they can cause an accident by misjudging their stopping distance or losing control of the truck.

    Dump trucks also have larger blind spots than the average vehicle. In fact, if you are driving a smaller car or motorcycle, they may not see you at all. You must therefore always drive especially carefully around dump trucks. The adage is true: if you cannot see their mirrors, they truly cannot see you.

    Other reasons that dump trucks can get into accidents include backing up without assistance and an unsecured truck tipping over after dumping its load.


    Dump truck accidents come with the added disadvantage that dump trucks also carry cargo. So, while a truck that heavy is dangerous all its own, the danger quadruples in size when you factor in the weight of the cargo they are carrying. If that cargo comes loose and rolls out into the road, this can cause a wide range of problems – and not just for you but other drivers on the road as well.

    Establishing Fault in a Dump Truck Accident

    Establishing fault in a dump truck accident is incredibly difficult, especially if you decide to sue the truck driver without a lawyer’s help. This is because you may also have to sue the owner of the trucking fleet and the construction company that leased the truck to that company as well.

    Getting an insurance company to pay out on an accident, even if you are 100% in the right, is difficult as well. Sometimes even with a lawyer’s help, insurance companies will do everything possible to avoid paying out. After all, they are a business like anyone else, and the more money they lose, the more likely they are to go out of business. So, they will do anything to avoid compensating you for your pain and suffering.

    The good news is that determining the party at fault in a dump truck accident is one of the many things our legal team does best. Our Fort Worth dump truck accident lawyers will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. All you need to do is call us today for a free consultation at (214) 496-5227. Remember: if we don’t win, you owe us nothing. You truly have nothing to lose.

    Let a Fort Worth Dump Truck Accident Lawyer Help You!

    The day the accident happened was bad enough. Do not let an accident with a Fort Worth dump truck continue to bring you down. Our attorneys can help you whether you were in a minor or major dump truck collision, or if loose cargo landed in the road and collided with your vehicle.

    Give our experienced and knowledgeable Fort Worth dump truck accident lawyers a call today at (469) 998-4069. You can enjoy a free consultation with us with no obligation to retain, guaranteed. Whether you need representation or advice, call us today and let’s get started!

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