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    Fort Worth Aggressive Driving Accident Lawyer

    Unfortunately, rates of aggressive driving have been on the rise recently in Fort Worth. This type of driving is incredibly dangerous and can easily lead to serious accidents. If you or someone you love was injured because of another person driving aggressively, it’s time to speak with a Fort Worth aggressive driving accident lawyer.

    Our experienced lawyers at the Dallas car accident law firm are here to help you. We have spent years helping injury victims win the compensation they deserve after an accident that was not their fault. Contact us today by calling (469) 998-4069 or reach out online and we’ll get you started with a FREE, no-risk consultation.

    What Aggressive Driving Looks Like in Fort Worth

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the term “aggressive driving” became well-known in the 1990s to describe a number of dangerous behaviors while on the road. Aggressive driving refers to the operation of a vehicle in a way that puts others (or is likely to put others) or property in danger.

    Examples of aggressive driving behaviors can include:

    • Weaving in and out of traffic
    • Excessively speeding
    • Running stop signs or stop lights
    • Tailgating
    • Cutting in front of another driver before slowing down
    • Blocking other drivers from passing or changing lanes
    • Or changing lanes without using a blinker

    If aggressive driving escalates, it can turn into road rage. While aggressive driving is a traffic offense that should always be taken seriously, road rage is an actual criminal offense.

    Important Statistics on Aggressive Driving and Road Rage

    Road rage is an assault with a motor vehicle (or another dangerous weapon by the driver or passenger in the vehicle) on another vehicle. Road rage can include acts like:

    • Yelling
    • Gesturing widely
    • Physical assault or confrontation
    • Brandishing a gun or other weapon
    • And even murder

    Road Rage is Common in Fort Worth

    According to road rage statistics from a national survey conducted by the Zebra in 2019, 82% of drivers in the United States admit they have had road rage or driven aggressively at least once in the last year.

    Between 38% and 59% of drivers also said they had engaged in behaviors like honking angrily, yelling or cursing loudly at another driver, changing lanes without using a signal, and using obscene or rude gestures towards other drivers.

    Road rage is, unfortunately, also not a new issue. Experts believe that it became more prevalent in mirroring the modern stressors of daily life and society. Numbers have risen a lot in the past 10 years. The NHTSA also reports that:

    • At least 37% of road rage instances have involved one or more firearms.
    • Hundreds of murders have been associated with road rage.
    • Distracted driving is involved in almost half of documented road rage instances.

    How to Deal with an Aggressive Driver in Fort Worth

    If you come across a case of aggressive driving or road rage in Fort Worth, keep in mind that the situation can be incredibly dangerous. You might be tempted to respond angrily too or get the driver back for their bad behavior—but this is never a good idea.

    It’s best to avoid engaging with an aggressive driver, as doing so can just escalate things. Make sure you are out of the way and get help as soon as possible if the problem persists.

    If another driver’s road rage or aggressive driving leads to an accident and you are injured, you have rights. An experienced Fort Worth aggressive driving accident lawyer can help you build a strong case and seek compensation for the damages your injuries and other costs you did not cause.

    Four Tips for Dealing with an Aggressive Driver After an Accident

    If you find yourself in an accident with an aggressive driver, there are some things you can do to protect yourself. The behavior of an aggressive motorist can be unpredictable and even scary, so here are some ways you can handle the situation.

    1. Don’t Engage

    Be very careful to not react confrontationally if you are in a situation with an aggressive driver. They may be looking for a fight, and that would only make the incident worse and potentially leave you in legal trouble, as well.

    Focus on handling the accident at hand. Your priority is reporting the accident and making sure those in your vehicle (and any other vehicles that may have been involved) are safe and get the attention they need.

    2. Call the Police

    If there were injuries in the accident, someone will need to call the Fort Worth police to report the accident. If the aggressive driver tries to approach you, telling them you are calling the police may help.

    Stay as calm as you can until officers arrive at the scene to take down your information and create an accident report. Be sure to report how the at-fault driver was acting towards you and anyone else involved.

    3. Keep Yourself Physically Safe

    If you do not feel safe with the other driver, stay in your vehicle. You might even need to slightly move your car in a more public area around other people to dissuade the driver from being aggressive, but still, stay at the scene until police arrive.

    4. Contact an Attorney As Soon As You Can

    After you have handled things at the scene, it’s best to contact an experienced aggressive driving accident lawyer as soon as possible. They can help you investigate the details of the accident and build a case to seek compensation for what you suffered.

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