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    Plano Fuel Truck Accident Lawyer

    Fuel Truck Accidents

    Fuel is a flammable liquid carried by some trucks throughout Plano, TX. These vehicles must exercise extreme caution while driving, as an accident could lead to a dangerous fuel spill, serious injuries, and property damage.

    A Plano fuel truck accident lawyer can help you get damages for your losses in this situation. Start getting legal help on your side right now by calling (469) 998-4069. Let us focus on your specific situation so we may bring you compensation.

    Hazardous Materials and Fuel Trucks in Plano

    Any truck accident in Plano can be severe, but some accidents come with extra dangers. Collisions involving hazardous materials (HM) like fuel are often a cause for concern because the HM could get released onto the road during an accident.

    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) keeps track of accidents involving HM. According to the FMCSA, in the year 2017 trucks carrying HM were involved in:

    • About 3% of all fatal large truck accidents.
    • Approximately 2% of all nonfatal large truck accidents.

    As you can see, most large truck crashes don’t involve HM. However, these accidents did often involve flammable liquids, such as fuel. Sixty-three percent of fatal crashes involving HM vehicles involved the release of a flammable liquid.

    Causes of Fuel Truck Accident in Plano, Texas

    It’s important to establish the causes of your fuel truck accident. You can only receive compensation for your losses if someone else caused the collision. This means your lawyer will need to dig into the facts of what happened. Your lawyer may:

    • Speak with witnesses who saw the collision.
    • Review the police report filed by officers.
    • Visit the scene of your accident.
    • Work with accident reconstruction specialists.

    These actions help a lawyer show that the truck driver caused your accident. Fuel truck drivers cause accidents in Plano if they drive in a reckless way. Some drivers exceed the speed limit, while other drivers may swerve between lanes of traffic. They sometimes fail to check their blind spots before they make a turn. These actions could directly lead to a collision.

    In some cases, the fuel truck company could bear responsibility for a crash. These companies are required to keep their trucks properly maintained. They must also hire drivers who are properly trained to operate fuel trucks. Review the possible causes of your accident today with a Plano fuel truck accident lawyer. Take charge of your future by calling (469) 998-4069.

    Your Compensation After a Plano Fuel Truck Accident

    A lawyer can take immediate steps to help you get damages after a fuel truck accident in Plano. However, a lawyer will only be able to get you compensation if they show that your injuries were caused directly by the accident.

    You should seek prompt medical care to help demonstrate that the accident caused your injuries. If you were hurt, visit a doctor right away to get treatment. Keep records of the care you received if you needed treatment for any injuries, including:

    • Broken bones and fractures
    • Burns and lacerations
    • Brain or head injuries
    • Back or neck injuries

    Your lawyer will review all of your losses after a fuel truck accident. A lawyer may also focus on the costs to repair your vehicle, and you could get damages to replace any wages you missed at work while you were recovering from your injuries.

    Resolve Your Fuel Truck Accident Claim Starting Today

    You don’t have to wait to get help after a fuel truck accident. In fact, you should take steps to get help quickly. You only have a set amount of time to get compensation after your accident. Generally, the statute of limitations for truck accident claims in Texas runs out after two years.

    A lawyer will help keep your claim on schedule. Your lawyer may focus on securing you a settlement from the insurance company. Your lawyer could also help you file a lawsuit in court in some situations, which might help you get damages through a verdict in your favor.

    Contact a Plano Fuel Truck Accident Lawyer for Help Now

    Get legal help on your side if you were struck by a fuel truck in Plano. Work with a member of our team to assess all of your legal needs. Reaching out to us for help is simple — just call our team at (469) 998-4069. You may also complete our online contact form.

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