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    Plano Dump Truck Accident Lawyer

    Dump Truck Accidents

    Were you hurt in a dump truck accident in Plano, TX? Reach out to a member of our team for help building a claim for compensation. A Plano dump truck accident lawyer may focus on settling your claim or bringing you a courtroom verdict in your favor.

    Reaching us for help after a dump truck accident is simple — just call us at (469) 998-4069. We’re ready to investigate your accident. We will work to show that someone else caused your accident and that the accident caused your injuries.

    Get Information About Dump Truck Accidents

    You are far from alone if you were struck by a dump truck. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there are thousands of these accidents on a yearly basis. The FMCSA reported that, in 2017, there were:

    • Over 8,000 towaway dump truck accidents.
    • Over 5,000 injury dump truck accidents.
    • Over 300 fatal dump truck accidents.

    These accidents occurred around the country, not just in Texas. They involved typical back-dump vehicles as well as vehicles designed to dump to the side. We’re ready to help you handle any case involving a dump truck collision here in Plano.

    Factors That Cause Dump Truck Accidents in Plano

    Getting compensation after a dump truck accident in Plano can be tricky. You can only get damages to cover your losses if someone else caused the accident. Your lawyer will work to show that the dump truck driver caused your accident.

    Dump truck drivers often end up in accidents because they are not prepared to handle their vehicle. Dump trucks are larger and heavier than most other vehicles on the road. They take a long time to stop and can cause accidents if the driver follows other vehicles too closely.

    Additionally, dump trucks have a number of blind spots. It’s difficult to see other drivers in these spots. Dump truck drivers should check these spots before they change lanes or back up. Unfortunately, drivers do not always show appropriate care when operating a large vehicle.

    A member of our team can start researching the causes of your accident now. Just call (469) 998-4069 so we may focus on your unique situation here in Plano.

    Possible Damages for a Plano Dump Truck Accident

    A lawyer might help you get damages if you were hurt in a Plano dump truck accident, including economic damages. Economic damages cover some of the clear-cut losses you could experience after a dump truck crash. This includes compensation for your:

    • Medical expenses.
    • Wages lost at work.
    • Vehicle repair costs.

    You may also get non-economic damages after a dump truck collision. Non-economic losses are not tied to a specific financial cost. Instead, they cover things like your pain and suffering. In some cases, you could even receive exemplary losses. Exemplary compensation is designed to punish the driver who caused your accident.

    Your lawyer must show that all of your losses are directly tied to your accident to bring you compensation. Let a Plano dump truck accident lawyer focus on showing that your collision caused your injuries right now.

    Methods to Handle a Dump Truck Accident Claim in Plano

    Not all dump truck accident claims are resolved in the same way in Plano. A lawyer will advise you about the best way to handle your specific situation. Note that you only have around two years to seek compensation after a dump truck accident because the statute of limitations in Texas runs out two years after the date of your accident.

    Fortunately, a lawyer can get to work on your case right away. Your lawyer will focus on investigating the facts of your accident and gathering evidence. A lawyer may then file a claim with the dump truck driver’s insurance company on your behalf, which could allow you to get a settlement to cover your losses.

    Your lawyer may also advise you to file a lawsuit in the court system in Plano. A lawsuit might allow you to get damages for your losses, but you also have to pay court fees if you take your case to court.

    Get Help from a Plano Dump Truck Accident Lawyer

    You’re not alone after a dump truck collision. Get legal help on your side by reaching out to a lawyer in Plano for help. Contact us right now so we can review your situation with a free consultation. We’re here to take on your claim right now.

    Call us at (469) 998-4069 or fill out our online contact form to learn more.

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