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    Plano Big Rig Accident Lawyer

    Big Rig Accidents

    Getting hit by a big rig is a driver’s nightmare. We’ve all seen it in the movies: the driver who loses control and veers into the lights of an oncoming big rig. The truck blasts its horn, tires screech, then there’s a huge crashing sound and the film cuts to black.

    In real life, these accidents are actually much more frightening. Big rig crashes are no joke. These large vehicles cause thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of injuries every year. Accident victims often suffer severe, lifelong physical and mental trauma.

    Big rig accidents are the price we pay for these vital transport trucks. Despite the injuries and fatalities they cause, big rigs offer an important service to society. In communities like Plano, TX, big rigs help the economy grow. They deliver food, medical supplies, consumer goods, and raw materials. Most big rig drivers are honest, hard-working individuals.

    Unfortunately, even the best drivers can still have accidents. If you were in a car crash involving a big rig, seek help right away. You may be able to sue the driver and their employer for compensation for damages. Call (214) 740-4556 to speak to a Plano accident lawyer.

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    Why Are Big Rig Accidents Deadly?

    According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there were 4,657 fatal crashes involving large trucks like big rigs in 2017 alone. These accidents are often deadly due to the vehicle’s unique construction. On average, a big rig is:

    • 8.5 feet wide
    • 13.5 feet tall
    • 72 feet long

    Depending on the cargo, a fully-loaded big rig can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. In special cases, transport companies are allowed to exceed these limits with an oversized load or wide load permit.

    Big rigs can cause heavy damage to smaller cars. In a collision, impact force is calculated by a basic physics equation: Acceleration (Speed) x Mass (Weight) = Force.

    Imagine you’re in a crash with a vehicle traveling 25 mph. If this vehicle is a midsize sedan, it probably weighs around 3,300 pounds. In this accident scenario, the impact force is 82,500 newtons (the scientific measurement unit for force). You may experience some mild to moderate damage to your car and light injuries such as whiplash.

    Now let’s consider the same accident scenario with a big rig traveling 25 mph. If the big rig and its cargo weigh 80,000 pounds total, the impact force is 2,000,000 newtons. This accident won’t be so mild. You will likely incur serious damage to your car, possibly totaling it, and may need to be hospitalized for your injuries.

    In other words, big rig accidents are deadly simply because these vehicles are so massive. If a driver loses control of their truck for even a few moments, they may cause a serious crash involving multiple vehicles.

    Types of Big Rig Accidents

    Most big rig accidents happen due to negligence, large blind spots, impaired or fatigued driving, mechanical failure, hazardous road conditions, or foul weather. Crashes are often triggered by more than one of these factors occurring at the same time.

    Additionally, many accidents also happen because of other drivers. Big rigs are not nimble. When a nearby car is driving erratically, the big rig driver can’t just swerve around it. They may drive off the road or crash into another vehicle when they try to avoid it.

    Similarly, big rigs require a very long stopping time. They can’t just slam on the brakes and come to a quick stop. When forced to decelerate too quickly, they may cause accidents.

    Common big rig accidents include:

    Improper Passing Accidents

    Improper passing accidents could cause a side-impact collision, rear-end collision, or front-end collision. These accidents happen when drivers disobey passing protocol.

    In Texas, drivers are required to use their turn signal, check their blind spots, and yield to the traffic that’s already in the lane. Unfortunately, many drivers don’t know how to safely pass big rigs. When they fail to pass safely or linger in a blind spot, the big rig may hit them.

    Rollover Accidents

    Rollover accidents are among the most deadly kinds of big rig accidents. Rollover accidents occur whenever an external force affects a vehicle’s balance. The vehicle begins to tilt, then lands on its side or flips onto its roof. Often, vehicles roll over multiple times before they come to a complete stop.

    Big rigs are prone to rolling over because they have a high center of gravity. In addition to the risk they pose to other people on the road, big rig rollover accidents often hurt the driver. 45% of trucker deaths occur in rollover accidents.

    Jackknife Accidents

    In a jackknife accident, a big rig skids out of control and spins until it faces backwards. The cab and trailer end up at an angle resembling a folded jackknife.

    Jackknifing is dangerous to everyone on the road. As the big rig skids, it may collide with other vehicles. A jackknifed big rig often blocks several lanes of traffic as well. Multi-car accidents may occur as other drivers slam their brakes or swerve to try to avoid the big rig.

    Tailgating Accidents

    Tailgating accidents are another common type of big rig crash. These accidents occur when a driver behind the big rig doesn’t give it enough space. If the big rig stops, the tailgating vehicle will rear-end it.

    Tailgating crashes are common in heavy, stop-and-go traffic. The tailgating driver may cause a big rig accident because they’re impatient or distracted. These accidents often result in pile-ups involving multiple cars.

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