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    Cedar Hill Spillage of Contents Accident Lawyer

    spillage accidents

    You can experience serious injuries if you were involved in a spillage of contents accident in Cedar Hill. These collisions may cause broken bones and other injuries. They may also damage your vehicle. You may be able to get compensation after your accident.

    A Cedar Hill spillage of contents accident lawyer can step in to help you build your claim. You can start working with a member of our team right away. Just call us at (469) 998-4069, and let us handle all aspects of your legal claim right now.

    Find Out More About Spillage of Contents Accidents

    Many commercial vehicles are dedicated to hauling some kind of cargo. This cargo counts as the “contents” of the truck. In an accident, this cargo may end up spilling out across the road. This could increase the amount of damage done during an accident.

    Sometimes, spillage of contents is the initial cause of an accident. This can occur if a load is improperly secured. This could allow the contents of the truck to get loose, hitting other vehicles and causing a collision.

    Note that there were almost 40,000 commercial vehicle accidents in Texas in 2019, as per the Texas Department of Transportation (DOT). Many of these commercial vehicles were carrying freight at the time of the accident.

    Take Control After a Cedar Hill Spillage of Contents Accident

    It’s important that you get help quickly after a spillage of contents accident. You can secure help immediately after a collision. Make sure that you stop after the accident to avoid a charge for a hit and run. After you stop, you should:

    • Call the police and tell them about the accident
    • Contact emergency services if you are hurt
    • Take pictures of your injuries and the damage to your vehicle
    • Speak with eyewitnesses and the truck driver to get their contact information

    Many drivers know they need to contact their insurance company after an accident. However, before you speak with insurance agents you may want to call a lawyer. A Cedar Hill spillage of contents accident lawyer can provide you with advice about insurance agents.

    We know that insurance agents may try to prevent you from getting compensation after your accident. Allow us to handle all communication with these representatives. We are prepared to handle your legal situation after you call us at (469) 998-4069.

    Investigate the Causes of a Spillage of Contents Accident

    Getting compensation after a spillage of contents accident may require a legal claim. You may only receive damages if a lawyer shows that someone else caused the accident. As we mentioned, a cargo spill may cause an accident directly. This can happen if:

    • A truck driver improperly secures their load
    • A trucking company does not perform proper maintenance on the truck

    Companies may allow closures and safety systems to fall into disrepair. This could end up causing a spillage of contents accident. Some accidents are caused by other factors. For example, an accident could occur because a truck driver was operating a vehicle unsafely.

    We’re ready to dig into the specific causes of your accident, starting right now. Allow us to review your police report and speak with witnesses. We can even work with accident reconstruction specialists here in Cedar Hill.

    Work on Your Claim After a Spillage of Contents Accident

    Showing that someone else caused your accident can allow you to get compensation in Cedar Hill. A lawyer may use evidence to file a claim with the insurance company. We know how to resolve truck accident claims with a settlement. The settlement may help you get damages to cover your:

    • Healthcare expenses
    • Wages lost during your recovery
    • Diminished earning potential
    • Repair costs for your vehicle
    • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish

    We also understand that you may want to file a lawsuit in some cases. Allow us to help you bring your claim before a judge and jury. We understand the court system here in Cedar Hill. We’re ready to put our knowledge and experience to work for you. Find out more by contacting us today.

    Talk to a Cedar Hill Spillage of Contents Accident Lawyer

    Don’t wait to get legal help after a spillage of contents accident. Reach out to us right now so we can help you. Our spillage of contents accident lawyers in Cedar Hill are prepared to offer you assistance. Contact us at (469) 998-4069. We also have an online contact form. Secure answers to your legal questions with a free consultation.

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