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    Garland Improper Backing Up Accident Lawyer

    Improper Backing Up Accidents

    Drivers should always exercise caution when backing up their vehicles in Garland. Unfortunately, some drivers do not show appropriate care before backing up. This may result in an improper backing up accident causing injuries or even a fatality.

    We’re here to help if you or a family member sustained an injury in a backing up collision. Start working to get compensation for your losses by calling us at (469) 998-4069. Our Garland improper backing up accident lawyers are prepared to help you right now.

    Information About Backing Up Accidents in the U.S.

    There are thousands of accidents caused by drivers who do not back up properly every year. Information about these accidents is recorded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). According to the NHTSA, a large number of injuries suffered during backing up crashes are from “backover” crashes.

    Backover crashes occur specifically when a vehicle backs into something besides another motor vehicle. For example, a truck that backs into a jogger would cause a backover crash. These crashes are often very dangerous because pedestrians or bicyclists have very little protection.

    However, any backing up accident may lead to serious injuries here in Garland. You may discover you need medical care if you experience:

    • Broken bones or fractures
    • Cuts, burns, or abrasions
    • Injuries to your head or brain
    • Injuries to your back, neck, or spine

    Make sure that you get medical care quickly after an improper backing up accident in Garland. This could help show that the accident directly led to your injuries. It may also help you make a full recovery.

    Causes of Improper Backing Up Accidents in Garland

    Improper backing up accidents may occur for a number of different reasons in Garland. These accidents are often caused by large truck drivers. These drivers often have a blind spot right behind their vehicle. They may fail to check this spot before they back up, resulting in an accident.

    Note that it is not a good idea to linger behind any vehicle. Drivers may not see things behind their rear bumper. Children are especially at-risk for backing up accidents. These accidents may also occur if drivers are in a hurry or simply not paying attention.

    We’re ready to dig into the causes of your collision right now. Call us at (469) 998-4069. You may count on a Garland improper backing up accident lawyer to handle all aspects of your case after a collision.

    Compensation for an Improper Backing Up Accident in Garland

    You may want compensation if you were hurt in an improper backing up accident here in Garland. A lawyer may step in to help you get damages for all of your losses. We’re ready to help you file a claim to get compensation for:

    Economic Damages

    Economic damages cover the expenses associated with an improper backing up accident. For example, you may receive economic damages to cover your medical expenses or vehicle repairs. Insurance companies may also provide economic damages to cover the wages you lost during your recovery.

    Non-Economic Damages

    Sometimes, you may receive non-economic damages after a backing up accident. These damages do not have a set cost. You do not receive any bills for non-economic damages. Instead, these damages cover things like your pain and suffering. You may receive more non-economic damages than economic damages in some cases.

    Exemplary Damages

    The court may award you exemplary damages in some cases. These damages are not directly tied to any of your losses. Instead, they are used to punish the truck driver who caused your improper backing up accident in Garland.

    Take Steps to Handle Your Truck Accident Claim in Garland

    You may settle your truck accident claim if someone backed up into you in Garland. Settling a claim means working with insurance agents to agree on a settlement. We’re ready to handle all contact with insurance agents on your behalf.

    You may also contact us if you’re interested in filing a lawsuit against the driver who struck you. This could allow you to secure compensation through the court system in Garland. Learn about all the legal options available to you by contacting us now.

    Take Charge with a Garland Improper Backing Up Accident Lawyer

    Focus on getting full compensation for your losses after a backing up accident in Garland. We’re standing by to handle all of your legal needs in this situation. You may reach us to review your options with a free consultation. Get answers from an improper backing up accident lawyer in Garland right now.

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