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    Grapevine Spillage of Contents Accident Lawyer

    Spillage of Contents Accidents

    Trucks are a common sight around Grapevine, TX. From pickup trucks to tractor-trailers, commercial trucks haul valuable cargo to keep our economy growing strong. Trucks transport everything from raw materials to consumer retail goods to food and drink. Without trucks, many industries would struggle.

    Despite the benefits they provide to society, trucks can be responsible for causing serious harm. Large cargo vehicles like trucks are involved in hundreds of accidents each day. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), 112,000 large trucks were involved in crashes resulting in serious injuries in 2018. An additional 4,862 large trucks caused fatal accidents that same year.

    There are many types of serious truck accidents. However, one of the most dangerous types of accidents is known as a “spillage of contents” accident. In a spillage of contents accident, a cargo truck drops its load into the street. The spilled contents create accidents that can have deadly consequences.

    If you’re in an accident caused by spillage of contents, you could receive a large settlement to cover damages. In these accidents, the truck driver’s employer often shares liability. Call (469) 998-4069 now to make an appointment for a 100% free legal consultation with a Grapevine truck accident lawyer.

    Types of Spillage of Contents Accidents

    Spillage of contents accidents generally fit into two categories depending on the type of cargo involved. Although both types of accidents are dangerous, they present unique risks to other drivers on the road.

    Solid Cargo

    The first type of accident involves solid cargo. This includes large solid objects, like equipment or furniture, as well as small solid objects such as gravel or produce. A solid cargo spillage of contents accident may vary in intensity. The accident’s severity depends on how many objects are spilled into the road.

    For example, a large number of small objects like gravel can create very hazardous road conditions for all drivers. This can result in multi-car accidents like pile-ups. If the fallen object is a single item such as furniture, it may smash into a car directly behind the truck but other drivers will have an opportunity to avoid it.

    Liquid Cargo

    Spillage of contents accidents can also involve liquid cargo carried in tanker trucks. These accidents cause collisions by creating a slippery road surface. If the liquid is a harmless substance like water or milk, there is no additional danger.

    However, toxic chemicals or gasoline can pose an added threat of harm. They may cause explosions and expose other drivers to noxious fumes. Some chemicals are linked to serious illnesses like cancer. When liquid chemicals are spilled in an accident, a hazmat team may be required to clean up the accident site.

    Causes of Spillage of Contents Accident

    Many factors can cause a spillage of contents accident. Some collisions are not the truck driver’s fault. However, all spillage of contents accidents can lead to property damage, injuries, or fatalities. If you’re involved in a truck crash caused by spilled contents, always consider your legal options.

    Common causes of a spillage of contents accident include:

    Poorly Secured Loads

    Whether liquid or solid, truck cargo always needs to be carefully secured. Truck drivers also need to check on their cargo periodically. Due to vehicular acceleration, changes in altitude, and other factors, cargo often shifts once a truck is in motion. A poorly secured load can become unbalanced and fall.

    Accidents also occur due to human error when loading the cargo. The truck driver or a worker at the loading site may fail to secure the cargo with adequate ropes, chains, or netting. If these security materials aren’t properly secured, the cargo can spill.

    Mechanical Failures

    Other spillage of contents accidents are caused by mechanical failures. If the truck gets into an accident due to brake failure, steering issues, or engine problems, the force of the impact may cause its cargo to spill. Mechanical failures can also affect the truck bed or cargo hold.

    For example, a rusted latch or broken door may pop open during travel. Sometimes, contents will spill onto the road while the truck keeps going for several miles. When mechanical failures cause an accident, the truck driver’s employer may be liable for failing to maintain or inspect the vehicle.

    Jackknifing and Rollover Accidents

    Other types of accidents can trigger a spillage of contents accident. Often, cargo spills out of a truck’s storage area when the vehicle jackknifes or rolls over. These accidents can be very complex and may involve multiple drivers.


    Sloshing is a unique problem that occurs with liquid cargo in tanker trucks. If the tanks aren’t adequately filled, the liquid inside will have extra room to “slosh” once the vehicle begins moving at high speeds. This can cause the truck to become imbalanced. The truck may skid, jackknife, or roll over, then spill its contents onto the road.

    Hazardous Weather

    Finally, hazardous weather is a common factor in many spillage of contents accidents. Heavy fog, rain, or ice on the road can create unsafe conditions. Bad weather obscures the truck driver’s view and impacts their ability to drive safely. They may get into a collision that causes their cargo to fall and land onto another car.

    Common Spillage of Contents Accident Injuries

    If you or someone you love is involved in a spillage of contents accident, you may become injured. Injuries can range from minor issues such as whiplash to severe medical problems requiring surgery and physical therapy. In some cases, accident victims are permanently paralyzed.

    The road to recovery after a spillage of contents accident may be long and expensive. That’s why you deserve compensation after a truck accident. A settlement from the trucking company or other parties can help you get back on your feet.

    Legal Options for Spillage of Contents Accidents

    Many drivers are hesitant to pursue legal action after a truck accident. However, it’s important to explore your legal rights and take action. You don’t have to go it alone. Call us today at (469) 998-4069 for a free consultation to learn about your options.

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