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    Types of Truck Accidents

    There are tens of thousands of injury-causing crashes involving large trucks every year in the U.S., per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These accidents are not all the same. In fact, there are many different types of truck accidents in and around Dallas. This includes head-on, rear-end, and side-impact collisions. There are also other kinds of collisions associated directly with truck accidents.

    Types of Truck Accidents: Head-On and Rear-End

    Some kinds of accidents may occur with any vehicle. Large trucks and much smaller vehicles may be involved in both head-on and rear-end collisions, so these accidents are not unique to 18-wheelers and semi-trucks.

    Head-on collisions take place if two vehicles strike one another while proceeding in different directions. This may occur if a large truck crosses the center line while driving. This may happen if, for example, a driver falls asleep at the wheel of a big-rig.

    Rear-end collisions involve one vehicle striking the back of another vehicle. Rear-end collisions involving large trucks occur for several reasons. Trucks require more time to stop than smaller vehicles. This means that a truck could rear-end you if:

    • You brake suddenly and without warning.
    • The trucker is driving too fast for conditions.
    • The trucker is not paying attention to the flow of traffic.

    Types of Truck Accidents: Side-Impact or T-Bone

    You could be involved in a side-impact (or T-bone) collision with a truck if the truck strikes the side of your vehicle. These accidents are often very dangerous for the driver who was struck in the side, as your vehicle may crumple at the impact of a much larger 18-wheeler or semi-truck.

    These accidents frequently occur at intersections. For example, if a truck driver runs a red light, they could strike the side of your vehicle while you legally cross the intersection. In many cases, these are some of the most severe truck accidents in Texas.

    Types of Truck Accidents: Jackknife or Rollover

    Semi-trucks and 18-wheelers are built differently than other vehicles in that they generally have two parts. The cab of the truck contains the engine. The driver operates the truck from the cab, with the trailer merely being in tow.

    This situation may lead to an accident if a truck driver skids the wheels of the truck. This can cause the cab to stop while the trailer retains momentum. In this situation, the trailer may fold up towards the cab, often resulting in a major accident as other vehicles hit the trailer.

    Large trucks may also roll over in some situations. Rollover accidents are very dangerous for truckers, as well as other drivers. A large truck may roll if a driver experiences a tire blowout. However, these accidents may also occur if a driver loses control of their vehicle for any reason. Drivers who speed or take a turn too quickly could roll their truck, for example.

    Types of Truck Accidents: Underride

    18-wheelers and semi-trucks are much taller than most other vehicles on the road. Sometimes, they are tall enough that other vehicles may end up wedged beneath them in an accident. This is called an “underride” accident.

    Underride accidents frequently occur if the driver of a smaller vehicle hits the rear of a large truck. Depending upon the force of the impact and the size of their vehicle, they could become wedged beneath the truck. The truck may drag the wedged vehicle for some distance if the truck driver does not immediately realize what has happened.

    Types of Truck Accidents: Loose Cargo

    In some cases, a large truck may be only incidentally involved in a truck accident. This may occur if a trucker does not properly secure their load before hitting the road. The load could then come loose during transit, potentially falling off of the truck.

    Loose cargo may strike other vehicles directly, or it could fall into the road, where other drivers may swerve to attempt to avoid it. The confusion caused by falling cargo may result in major accidents around Dallas. In fact, accidents caused by loose cargo often impact many different drivers and vehicles, leading to numerous injuries and property damage.

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