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    McKinney Blind Spot Truck Accident Lawyer

    McKinney Blind Spot Truck Accident Lawyer

    We’re here to help if you were hurt in a blind spot accident in McKinney, Texas. It’s easy to get a hold of us after a collision. Just call (469) 998-4069 to start working with members of our team. We’re fully prepared to help you file a claim to seek compensation for your:

    • Healthcare expenses
    • Wages lost at work
    • Vehicle repairs
    • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish

    Start working with a McKinney blind spot accident lawyer today. Allow us to handle all of your legal needs while you focus on recovering from your injuries.

    Learn More About Blind Spots for Large Vehicles

    Commercial vehicles are a common sight on the roads around McKinney. These vehicles include tow-trucks, 18-wheelers, cement trucks, and more. All of these vehicles play an important role in the economy. However, they also end up in accidents, often because they cannot see vehicles in their blind spots.

    Large trucks have blind spots on all four sides, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This means they may be unable to see you even if you are driving in front of them. These drivers are expected to check their blind spots before they:

    • Change lanes
    • Merge into traffic on the interstate
    • Make a turn
    • Pull out into traffic

    However, some drivers fail to properly check their blind spots. This could result in a blind spot accident here in McKinney.

    Actions to Take After a McKinney Blind Spot Accident

    It’s important that you respond to a blind spot accident in McKinney the right way. There are a number of steps you should take after you are involved in a blind spot collision. Make sure that you:

    • Report the accident to the police
    • Contact emergency services if you need an ambulance
    • Take pictures of your injuries and the damage to your vehicle
    • Get contact information from the driver and eyewitnesses
    • Talk to a truck accident lawyer in McKinney

    Getting legal help on your side may help you learn more about the next steps you should take after an accident. We’re ready to start providing you with answers to your legal questions. Our blind spot accident lawyers in McKinney offer easy to understand answers to drivers in your situation. Find out more by calling us at (469) 998-4069.

    Build a Claim for a Blind Spot Accident in McKinney

    As we mentioned, you may get compensation for your losses after a blind spot accident in McKinney. In order to get compensation, a lawyer may need to show that someone else caused your accident. This may require us to:

    • Visit the sight of your accident
    • Speak with all witnesses
    • Request a copy of your police report
    • Work with accident reconstruction specialists

    Our team knows what it takes to build a claim for drivers in your situation. We may work to show that a large truck driver failed to adequately check their blind spots before striking your vehicle. Note that truck drivers do not just strike other vehicles. Pedestrians and bicyclists may also get struck by a large truck here in McKinney.

    Allow us to assess the specific facts of your case after a collision. We are standing by to provide you with the assistance you want.

    Work to Get Compensation for a McKinney Blind Spot Accident

    We’re ready to focus on securing compensation for you after a blind spot accident in McKinney. You may easily contact us to start building a legal claim. Many blind spot accident claims are handled outside of court.

    In order to settle your claim outside of court, we may focus on negotiating with insurance agents on your behalf. We may review any settlement offers may be made by insurance agents. It’s important that you understand that insurance representatives do not always offer fair settlements after a truck accident.

    Fortunately, you have the option to file a lawsuit after your accident. A lawsuit allows you to seek compensation through the court system. We’re ready to handle all aspects of your claim right now. We know how to file a claim or help you with a lawsuit here in McKinney.

    Talk to a McKinney Blind Spot Accident Lawyer Today

    You may focus on resolving a blind spot accident claim in McKinney by reaching out to us immediately after your collision. Allow us to investigate your case and build your claim. Our blind spot accident lawyers in McKinney are fully prepared to address your legal situation. Let us start building your claim now with a free consultation.

    Getting the help you need is easy after a collision. Just call (469) 998-4069. You may also complete our online contact form.

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