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    McKinney T-Bone Truck Accident Lawyer

    T-Bone Truck Accident

    Were you hurt in a T-bone accident in McKinney? If you were, you may take steps to get compensation for your losses by reaching out to our team. We are ready to help you secure damages for your medical expenses and vehicle repair costs.

    Find out more about how we could help by calling us at (469) 998-4069. Our McKinney T-bone accident lawyers are standing by to help you right now. Allow us to investigate your case and help you file a claim.

    Get Information About Traffic Accidents in Texas

    There are many thousands of motor vehicle collisions throughout the state of Texas every year. These accidents are recorded by the Department of Transportation (DOT). According to the DOT, over 200,000 drivers were hurt in these accidents in the year 2019.

    Many of these accidents are T-bone collisions. You may also hear T-bone collisions called side-impact collisions. These accidents occur when one vehicle strikes another in the side. Many T-bone collisions occur at intersections.

    Sometimes, these accidents occur when one driver runs a red light. They may also occur if drivers fail to yield the right of way at a two- or four-way stop. In these cases, you may be struck unexpectedly by a driver who is driving unsafely.

    We’re ready to investigate the causes of your T-bone accident right now. Investigating your claim is important, as you may only get compensation if we show that another driver caused your accident. Let us get to work for you today.

    Get Medical Care After a McKinney T-Bone Accident

    It’s important that you seek medical care if you were hurt in a T-bone accident in McKinney. You may need to contact emergency services to get help from an ambulance. You may also drive yourself to a hospital in some circumstances. Make sure you get treatment if you experience:

    • Head or brain injuries
    • Back or neck injuries
    • Burns, cuts, or broken bones
    • Internal injuries or organ damage

    Getting medical help right away may help you focus on your recovery. It may also show that your injuries were caused directly by your accident. This may help you get compensation for your medical expenses. Depending upon your situation, a McKinney T-bone accident lawyer may help you get damages to cover your:

    • Emergency medical treatment
    • Time spent in a hospital
    • Rehabilitation and physical therapy

    We’re ready to focus on all of your medical losses after a T-bone accident in McKinney. Find out more about how we could help by calling (469) 998-4069. We’re here to help you build a legal claim starting right now.

    Causes of T-Bone Accidents in McKinney

    There are a number of possible causes for McKinney T-bone accidents. As we mentioned, many of these accidents occur in intersections. Drivers sometimes cause accidents in intersections if they are not paying attention or if they are in a hurry. For example, they may not come to a full stop before entering the intersection, causing a T-bone collision.

    Large trucks sometimes cause T-bone accidents here in McKinney. They may roll through an intersection because they are heavy and it takes them longer to stop. Some large trucks also have to make wide turns. During this process, they may end up causing a T-bone accident.

    Allow us to investigate the specific causes of your accident. We’re ready to speak with witnesses and review your police report. We may even work with accident reconstruction specialists to find out what happened during your accident.

    Let Us Help You Get Compensation After a T-Bone Accident

    We understand that you may want compensation for your losses after a T-bone collision in McKinney. That’s why we’re ready to help you. Our team understands what it takes to file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company for you. In addition to getting you damages for your medical expenses, we’re ready to help you secure compensation for:

    • The costs to repair your vehicle
    • Your lost wages and lost earning potential
    • Your pain, suffering, and mental anguish

    Our team may also help if you want to file a lawsuit in court in McKinney. Find out more by reaching out to us right now to get legal assistance.

    Work with a McKinney T-Bone Accident Lawyer Today

    Allow us to help you build a claim after a T-bone accident in McKinney. Reach out to us right now by completing our online contact form. You may also call us at (469) 998-4069. Our T-bone accident lawyers in McKinney are standing by to offer you the legal answers you want.

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