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    McKinney Passenger Vehicle Accident Lawyer

    In a few moments, a vehicle accident in McKinney can change your entire life. However, if you were not at fault for the collision, you should not have to pay for the costs. If you or a loved one was injured, it’s time to speak with a McKinney passenger vehicle accident lawyer today

    Our car accident lawyers are seasoned in handling these types of cases. We can help you gather evidence of that at-fault driver’s negligence, calculate your damages, and protect your legal rights. To get a FREE, no-obligation consultation today, call (469) 998-4069 and we’ll match you with the best lawyer for your legal needs.

    Types of Passenger Vehicle Accident Cases We Handle

    A passenger vehicle is a motor vehicle intended to carry passengers. Including the driver, a passenger vehicle typically does not seat more than nine people at a time.

    Passenger vehicles are seen everywhere on McKinney roads, and most of them are there for private uses. Some passenger vehicles are used for business reasons, such as transporting passengers in taxis, Ubers, or Lyfts.

    No matter the purpose of a passenger vehicle, an accident can happen at any time if someone on the road is not careful enough. Accidents that we routinely see and handle include:

    • Head-on collisions
    • Hit and run accidents
    • Rear-end collisions
    • Rollovers
    • Multiple-car collisions
    • Single-car crashes
    • Side impact crashes
    • Drunk driving accidents and
    • Deadly accidents

    The consequences of a passenger vehicle accident are often very serious. But if you were hurt in this type of accident—as a driver or as a passenger—and you were not at fault, you may be entitled to compensation.

    To learn your compensation options and how an experienced accident lawyer in McKinney can help, call … today for a FREE consultation.

    Parties Who Can Be Sued in a Passenger Vehicle Accident Case

    In Texas, the at-fault party in an injury accident is responsible for the damages. As the victim of an accident, you will need to be able to show how the at-fault party was negligent. You’ll also need to demonstrate how they were negligent in your accident.

    Your McKinney passenger vehicle accident lawyer will know how to examine the evidence to determine who was at fault. There are a number of different parties who may be to blame for this type of accident.

    The Passenger Vehicle’s Driver

    In the majority of car accidents, one or more drivers are at fault for the collision. If the driver of your vehicle or another vehicle in the accident was at fault, you may be able to bring a case against them.

    According to Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code section 72, if you were a passenger in the car of the at-fault party, you may be able to seek compensation from them (and their insurance company) if they are not your:

    • Spouse
    • Child or step-child
    • Sibling
    • Parent or
    • Grandparent

    The Other Vehicle’s Driver

    If the driver of another vehicle in the accident was at fault, you can file a claim with their auto insurance to seek compensation. If that is unsuccessful, you have the option to file a lawsuit. However, most car accident claims are resolved through a settlement without needing to go to trial—especially if the victim worked with an experienced lawyer.

    The Vehicle Manufacturer

    In some instances, a vehicle accident can happen due to a defective vehicle part. The manufacturer of the vehicle may be at fault in that instance, which would mean a product liability case. These situations can be complicated, so you will definitely want to seek assistance from a car accident lawyer who can help.

    The Driver’s Employer

    If you were injured in a passenger vehicle that was being used for commercial purposes, the at-fault party may be the company that employs the driver. For example, if you were taking an Uber and the Uber driver got into an accident because they were texting and driving, you may need to seek compensation from Uber.

    The details can be complex and may depend on specific details of your case. Thankfully a seasoned McKinney passenger vehicle accident lawyer can help sort out the most important factors and determine your legal options.

    Damages You Can Potentially Recover After a Passenger Vehicle Accident in McKinney

    A car accident may leave you with painful injuries that take weeks, months, or even years to heal. At the same time, you will likely need to miss work time as you recover, which can further increase your money worries. The aftermath of the accident can also lead to anxiety, depression, and other emotional issues that make it hard to cope.

    All of the above are examples of damages that you can include in a car accident claim. Since these losses would not have happened to you if the accident hadn’t occurred, you should not have to pay for the costs. However, actually getting full compensation for all of the damages you face is not easy, which is why we highly recommend contacting an experienced car accident lawyer as soon as you can.

    Your lawyer will look at all of the damages you face from the accident, such as:

    • Medical costs, including current and future expenses
    • Prescription medication costs
    • Lost wages
    • Loss of earning capacity
    • Vehicle damages and
    • Physical and emotional pain and suffering

    The goal is to fully recover the damages you suffered from the crash. If you did not cause your accident, you should not have to pay a cent for the resulting costs.

    Talk to a McKinney Passenger Vehicle Accident Lawyer for Free Today

    To have the best chance of winning a fair settlement in your case, it’s best to get an experienced lawyer on the phone right away. They can look at the details of your accident, evaluate your damages, and fight to protect your legal rights every step of the way.

    Thankfully, our car accident lawyers always work on contingency, which means there is no charge unless we win your case for you. Plus, the consultation is always free of charge. To schedule your FREE consultation today, call us at (469) 998-4069 and we’ll get started.

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