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    McKinney Fatigued Driver Truck Accident Lawyer

    McKinney Fatigued Driver Truck Accident Lawyer

    Hurt in an accident with a fatigued driver in McKinney, Texas? Start working to get compensation for all of your losses by reaching out to a member of our team right now. You may contact us right now if you call (469) 998-4069.

    Our McKinney fatigued driver accident lawyers are standing by to help build your claim. We know the strategies that work to get compensation for your medical expenses and other losses. Let us focus on all of your legal needs right now.

    Focus on Facts About Fatigued Driving in the U.S.

    Fatigued drivers often pose a tremendous hazard to themselves and others. These drivers often become distracted and they have trouble concentrating on the road. In fact, according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), these drivers are often as impaired as someone who consumed alcohol.

    The NSF also provides information about the number of fatigued driver accidents that occur every year. The NSF reports that, on a yearly basis, there are around:

    • 100,000 fatigued driver crashes reported to the police
    • 70,000 people injured by fatigued drivers
    • 1,500 people killed by fatigued drivers

    Fatigued commercial drivers may end up causing accidents here in McKinney. In fact, tired commercial truck drivers sometimes fall asleep at the wheel. These actions could result in injuries and even fatalities. Our team takes all fatigued driver accidents seriously, so reach out to us right now.

    Reasons for Fatigued Driver Collisions in McKinney

    As we mentioned, simply driving while tired may increase the odds of a driver causing an accident. We all understand the risks associated with falling asleep behind the wheel. However, even drivers who stay away may cause an accident, as it may:

    • Take them longer to react to other drivers
    • Make it harder for them to control their vehicle
    • Affect their decision-making ability

    Drivers operate vehicles while fatigued for a number of reasons. Some drivers operate a large truck while tired because they feel like they have to in order to complete a delivery. Other commercial drivers try to get rest but cannot sleep well.

    We’re ready to focus on the exact causes of your fatigued driver accident in McKinney. It’s easy to contact us for help, just call (469) 998-4069. Allow us to offer you comprehensive help with all aspects of your legal case.

    Your Compensation for a McKinney Fatigued Driver Accident

    It’s normal to want compensation after you are hit by a fatigued driver in McKinney. We are prepared to help you work to get damages for all of your losses. Depending upon your situation, you may end up getting compensation for:

    Economic Losses

    Economic losses cover expenses tied directly to your accident in McKinney. For example, the costs to repair your vehicle are economic losses. You may also receive economic compensation to cover your medical expenses and wages lost during your recovery.

    Non-Economic Losses

    Many drivers receive non-economic losses after a collision in McKinney. Non-economic losses are not tied to bills related to an accident. You may receive this kind of compensation to cover your pain, suffering, and mental anguish.

    Exemplary Losses

    You may also get exemplary losses after a fatigued driver accident in McKinney. These damages are designed to punish the driver who caused your injury. As such, they do not relate directly to any losses you sustained in the accident.

    Get Started on a Claim Quickly After an Accident in McKinney

    You don’t have to wait to get compensation after a fatigued driver accident in McKinney. Members of our team are standing by to help now. This is important, as the state of Texas does have a statute of limitations for truck accident claims. You may only have a set amount of time to seek damages.

    We are ready to help you file a claim with insurance agents representing the driver who struck you. This could allow us to bring you a settlement to cover your losses. Many truck accident claims are settled here in McKinney.

    However, you also have the option to file a lawsuit if a fatigued truck driver struck you. Members of our team are prepared to help you take your claim in court right now.

    Speak to a McKinney Fatigued Driver Accident Lawyer Today

    Consider your legal options after you are struck by a fatigued driver by reaching out to us right now. Our fatigued driver accident lawyers in McKinney are standing by to help you. You may reach out to us right away to get a free consultation.

    Take control of your future by calling (469) 998-4069. You may also complete our online contact form.

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