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    McKinney Moving Van Truck Accident Lawyer

    McKinney Moving Van Truck Accident Lawyer

    You might experience major injuries if you were struck by a moving van in McKinney. Your health care expenses could quickly climb through the roof. Fortunately, you may get compensation to cover your losses by reaching out to us for help right now.

    Our McKinney moving van accident lawyers are standing by to help you, right now. You may reach us if you call (469) 998-4069. Let us focus on building a personal injury claim for you. We’re ready to help you get damages quickly.

    Learn More About Moving Van Accidents in McKinney

    Moving vans are very large vehicles, generally used by families who are changing residences. According to the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), Texas is one of the top states for inbound movers around the country.

    Individuals moving to our area may rent a moving van. This could result in an accident because many drivers are not used to operating such a large vehicle. Moving vans must make wide turns. They also have blind spots that drivers may not anticipate. They could even overbalance if the contents of the truck shift around.

    Some families hire a moving company to move their possessions. This means that a professional driver may operate the moving truck. These drivers may also end up causing an accident, especially if they are fatigued or distracted while driving.

    Investigate a Moving Van Accident in McKinney

    You may only get compensation after a moving van accident if our team can show that someone else caused your accident. That’s why we’re standing by to dig into the facts surrounding your case right away. Contact a McKinney moving van lawyer who can:

    • Get a copy of your police report after an accident
    • Interview all eye-witnesses about what happened
    • Visit the scene of the accident
    • Work with accident reconstruction specialists

    We may work to show that the moving van driver caused your accident. We understand that the moving van company could be at-fault for a collision in some cases. For example, let’s say a moving van company did not perform proper maintenance on a vehicle. This could lead to a collision in McKinney.

    Note that Texas is a comparative negligence state. This means that you could get compensation even if you were partially at-fault for the accident. However, your amount of compensation may be lower based on your amount of responsibility.

    Allow a lawyer to work to show that someone else caused your accident. Reach out to us today by calling (469) 998-4069. We’re ready to build your claim for you, starting right now.

    Forms of Compensation for a McKinney Moving Van Accident

    You may be eligible to receive compensation after a moving van accident in McKinney. Depending upon your situation, you could get damages to cover your:

    Economic Losses

    Economic losses are the expenses tied directly to your accident. Your healthcare expenses are a kind of economic loss. Your economic losses may also refer to the costs to repair your vehicle. Lost wages at work are another kind of economic loss.

    Non-Economic Losses

    You may also receive non-economic losses in McKinney. These losses are not associated with any bills you may receive. You may get compensation for your pain and suffering. Your lawyer may help you assess the value for your non-economic losses after a moving van collision.

    Build Your Claim After a Moving Van Accident in McKinney

    Members of our team are standing by to help you if you were hurt in a moving van accident. We know what it takes to bring compensation to clients in your situation. Let us dig into the facts of your case and focus on negotiating with insurance agents for you.

    Many moving van accident claims in McKinney are handled outside of court. You may get compensation for your losses by settling with insurance agents. We’re ready to assess any settlement you are offered, to make sure it’s fair to you.

    You may also count on us to help you file a lawsuit in some cases. Allow us to take your claim to court if necessary. We’re ready to work to bring you a verdict in your favor.

    Call a McKinney Moving Van Lawyer for Help Now

    Hurt in a moving van accident in McKinney? Get help on your side right now by reaching out to a member of our team. It’s easy to contact us when you want legal help. Just complete our online contact form. You may also call (469) 998-4069. Begin working with a moving van accident lawyer in McKinney right away.

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