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    McKinney Oversized Loads Truck Accident Lawyer

    McKinney Oversized Loads Truck Accident Lawyer

    Make sure you get legal help on your side if you were struck by an oversized vehicle in McKinney, Texas. You may want to get compensation for your medical expenses and other losses after this kind of accident. Members of our team are ready to help you get to work on a claim right away.

    You may reach us if you call (469) 998-4069. Allow our McKinney oversized loads accident lawyers to focus on your needs today. We provide clients in your situation with personalized support and attention.

    Examples of Oversized Loads in Texas

    Many commercial vehicles are very large. 18-wheelers and semi-trucks are much larger than passenger vehicles. However, these vehicles are not always considered “oversize.” In order to be considered oversize, vehicles may need to be wider than 8’6” or taller than 14’.

    There are also limits on the length of vehicles. Some vehicles may be up to 65’ long. The state also limits the amount of weight for vehicles. Generally, the maximum amount of gross weight for a vehicle is 80,000 pounds. This information comes from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

    However, there are exceptions to these regulations for the size of vehicles. Truck drivers may obtain special permits to haul oversized loads. These permits are often necessary if someone wants to move a building, large equipment, or cranes.

    Causes of Oversized Load Accidents in McKinney

    We are here to investigate the causes of your oversized load accident in McKinney. You may only get compensation if a lawyer shows that someone else caused the collision. These accidents occur for many different reasons. In some cases, they are caused by the truck driver who:

    • Exceeds the speed limit
    • Follows other vehicles too closely
    • Swerves between lanes
    • Fails to yield the right of way
    • Takes a turn too quickly

    Oversized loads are very large and often they are difficult to handle safely on the road. Their size may increase the odds of a rollover accident. They are also harder to stop due to their weight. Drivers require training and experience to safely handle oversize loads. Companies that hire improperly trained drivers may be held responsible for an oversized load accident.

    Our oversized load accident lawyers in McKinney are ready to help regardless of the causes of your collision. Let us focus on your specific needs right now. Call (469) 998-4069 so we can get to work for you.

    Losses Associated with Oversized Load Accidents in McKinney

    Oversized vehicles may end up causing massive amounts of damage in a collision. Your vehicle may require expensive repairs following an accident. A commercial vehicle could even total your vehicle, forcing you to acquire alternative transportation.

    In addition to vehicle damage, oversized load accidents often lead to major injuries. Make sure that you get medical treatment quickly if you end up experiencing:

    • Head or brain trauma
    • Injuries to your back, neck, or spine
    • Internal injuries or organ damage
    • Burns, cuts, or broken bones

    A member of our team may focus on helping you get compensation for all of your losses after an oversized load accident. We are ready to assess all of your medical expenses as well as your lost wages at work.

    We understand the types of compensation you could expect to receive after an oversized loads accident in McKinney. We’ll review your medical records and vehicle repair expenses. In some cases, we may even help you get damages to cover your pain, suffering, and mental anguish.

    Methods of Getting Compensation After an Oversized Load Collision

    Not all oversized load accident claims are resolved in the same way in McKinney. Many of these claims are handled outside of the court system, however. Your lawyer may enter a period of negotiations with insurance agents on your behalf.

    Allow us to work to bring you a settlement to cover all of your losses. We know how to handle insurance agents and to represent your best interests. We are also prepared to help you file a lawsuit in some cases. A lawsuit allows you to take your claim to court. Focus on the best way to handle your situation right now.

    Talk to a McKinney Oversized Load Accident Lawyer Now

    Find out more about how to get compensation after an oversized load accident in McKinney by contacting us right now. Members of our team are prepared to offer you the support you want after a collision. Start getting legal help in your corner by calling (469) 998-4069. You may also fill out our online contact form.

    Start working with an oversized load accident lawyer in McKinney now. We’re ready to assess your situation with a free consultation.

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