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    DeSoto Blind Spot Truck Accident Lawyer

    DeSoto Blind Spot Truck Accidents

    Large trucks in DeSoto, Texas have a number of blind spots. Sometimes, truckers fail to check these blind spots in a responsible way. In this situation, they can end up causing a major accident. You could get hurt if you are caught in a blind spot accident.

    Fortunately, it’s possible to get compensation after a truck collision in our area. Just reach out to a DeSoto blind spot truck accident lawyer for help. Call us at (469) 998-4069. We’ll work to build a claim for you, starting right now.

    Get Familiar with the Location of Blind Spots on Large Trucks

    Drivers in DeSoto are familiar with the existence of blind spots. Almost all vehicles have a few of these areas. Blind spots describe areas where drivers cannot easily see other vehicles, pedestrians, or other hazards.

    Large trucks have more blind spots than passenger vehicles. This is because large trucks are so much bigger than cars, vans, and passenger trucks. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) describes the location of these blind spots. According to the FMCSA, trucks have blind spots:

    • To either side of the vehicle
    • Behind the vehicle
    • In front of the vehicle

    Generally, you are in a trucker’s blind spot if you cannot see their windows. Driving in a blind spot is often very dangerous. Therefore, it is recommended that you stay out of a truck driver’s blind spots as much as possible.

    Blind Spots and Truck Accidents in DeSoto

    Truckers are expected to check their blind spots regularly as they drive in DeSoto. For example, truckers may need to check their blind spots before they change lanes. Drivers who do not check their blind spot can cause an accident.

    We are ready to assess the causes of your accident. We can work to show that a trucker did not look at their blind spots before they changed positions on the road and struck you. We also know that these accidents can occur if a driver:

    • Backs up without checking their blind spot
    • Accelerates without ensuring they are free to go

    Getting legal assistance after a collision is very easy. Just call (469) 998-4069. Our DeSoto blind spot truck accident lawyers are standing by to provide you with the legal advice that you want.

    Types of Compensation for Blind Spot Accidents in DeSoto

    We are ready to help you seek full damages for any losses you sustained in a blind spot truck accident in DeSoto. Our team understands that compensation is often broken down into the following categories:

    • Economic damages
    • Non-economic damages
    • Exemplary damages

    Economic damages are what people usually think of first after a blind spot accident. These damages cover your healthcare expenses and vehicle repairs, for example. However, you can also take steps to get non-economic damages for your pain and mental anguish.

    The court can also award you exemplary damages. These damages do not directly connect to the losses you sustained in an accident. Instead, they work to penalize the driver who caused your accident. We’ll go over all of your losses after a collision. Let us ensure that all of your losses are appropriately covered after a wreck.

    Resolve a Blind Spot Truck Accident Claim in DeSoto

    Take proactive steps to get compensation after a blind spot accident in DeSoto by working with our team. We are ready to:

    • Investigate the causes of your accident
    • Detail all of the losses you sustained
    • Work to settle your claim out of court
    • Build a lawsuit for you

    Generally, drivers in your situation choose to settle their claims out of court. However, this is not always the case. Some drivers are interested in filing a lawsuit. You should know that a lawsuit can lead to high court fees. It can also take longer to get compensation if you go to court.

    We’ll go over the pros and cons of going to court if you contact us. We’ll also consider the best way to handle your unique charges. Get personal attention from members of our team by contacting us right now.

    Talk to a DeSoto Blind Spot Truck Accident Lawyer Now

    Hurt because a truck driver didn’t check their blind spots in DeSoto? Reach out to a blind spot truck accident lawyer in DeSoto and get help on your side today. We’ll start working on your claim right away. Just call us at (469) 998-4069. You can also fill out our online contact form.

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