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    DeSoto Tailgating Truck Accident Lawyer

    DeSoto Tailgating Truck Accident Lawyers

    Tailgating is a dangerous driving behavior. Truck drivers who tailgate can end up causing a major collision here in DeSoto, Texas. You can end up facing high medical bills and other expenses if a tailgating driver strikes you.

    Fortunately, you can seek compensation after a rear-end collision. Take steps to recover damages for your losses by reaching out to a DeSoto tailgating truck accident lawyer. We’re standing by to address your legal needs after you call us at (469) 998-4069.

    Effects of Tailgating on Drivers in Texas

    The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) has identified tailgating as a dangerous behavior for drivers in our state. Tailgating is hazardous for a number of reasons. Primarily, tailgating represents a hazard to drivers because it reduces:

    • Stopping distance
    • Perception time
    • Reaction time

    Many drivers are familiar with “stopping distance.” Stopping distance represents the space necessary for a driver to stop their vehicle. Drivers who tailgate do not leave themselves enough stopping distance. If the vehicle in front of them hits the brakes, these drivers often cause a rear-end collision.

    Perception time reflects how long it takes a driver to notice something. Reaction time is how long it takes a driver to respond to something they noticed. Tailgating limits a driver’s ability to notice a problem and to react to it. This often leads to accidents here in DeSoto.

    Liability for Tailgating Truck Accidents in DeSoto

    Tailgating often contributes to the cause of rear-end accidents. However, tailgating drivers are not always solely at-fault for a collision. We are here to investigate your accident to show that a tailgating driver caused the collision. We can:

    • Question all witnesses to the accident
    • Review your police report
    • Work with accident reconstruction teams

    We know that you can get compensation even if you are partially at-fault for a truck accident in DeSoto. However, you will receive a lesser amount of compensation if you share liability for the accident. That’s why we’ll work to show that the truck driver was responsible for the accident.

    Allow us to begin working on your claim right away. Our DeSoto tailgating truck accident lawyers will begin the investigation right now. Just call us at (469) 998-4069.

    Expenses Associated with a DeSoto Tailgating Truck Accident

    Our team understands that you can face numerous expenses after a tailgating accident in DeSoto. We are standing by to help you seek compensation to cover all of your medical expenses, for example. Medical expenses are one kind of economic loss in DeSoto. Other economic losses include:

    • The costs to repair your vehicle
    • Your lost wages at work
    • Your diminished earning potential

    Additionally, there are a number of non-economic losses associated with truck accident claims in DeSoto. These losses are not tied to clear-cut bills after an accident. Instead, they are things like your pain and suffering.

    We’re even ready to help you seek exemplary damages after some tailgating truck accidents in DeSoto. Exemplary damages represent compensation ordered by the court to punish the driver who hit you. Exemplary damages are not offered in all truck accident claims. Discuss the compensation available in your situation by reaching out to us right now for help.

    Construct Your Tailgating Truck Accident Claim in DeSoto

    We know how to build a claim for you after a tailgating accident here in DeSoto. Our team will put our experience and legal knowledge to work for you right away. Contact us so that we can:

    • Investigate the causes of your accident
    • Review all of your losses to ensure they’re properly covered
    • Handle communicate with insurance agents
    • Negotiate a fair settlement for you

    We’ll move quickly after a tailgating accident. This allows us to speak with witnesses while their memories are still clear.

    We also know how to help if you want to take your claim to court. You can choose to file a lawsuit after a truck driver rear-ends you in DeSoto. However, you should know that you may end up paying court fees if you file a lawsuit. It can also take longer to get compensation if you go to court here in DeSoto.

    A DeSoto Tailgating Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help You

    Find out how to get compensation from a tailgating truck accident lawyer in DeSoto right now. We’ll take on your claim after you are hit by a large truck. We believe in providing you with the legal help you want following a collision. Find out more by reaching out to us for a free consultation.

    Discuss your legal situation today by calling (469) 998-4069. You can also complete our online contact form.

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