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    Garland Out of State Drivers Accident Lawyer

    Out of State Drivers Accidents

    Out of state drivers cause many accidents in Garland every year. You may get help if you were struck by a driver from another state by contacting us. We’re ready to review your case while working to show that:

    • Someone else caused your accident
    • Your accident caused your injuries

    Reaching us for help is simple. Just call (469) 998-4069. Our Garland out of state driver accident lawyers are ready to help you now. Find out how to build a claim and seek compensation for your losses by speaking with us.

    Facts About Texas Motor Vehicle Collisions

    There are hundreds of thousands of accidents every year in Texas. In the year 2019 alone, these accidents resulted in more than 250,000 injuries. This information comes from the Texas Department of Transportation (DOT).

    Many of these accidents were caused by drivers native to Texas. However, a percentage of these collisions are attributed to drivers visiting from out of state. Some drivers visit from the states that border Texas. Other drivers fly in from across the country.

    Out of state drivers often cause accidents because they are unfamiliar with our road systems. We’re here to help if you were struck by a driver from another state in Garland.

    Review the Causes of an Out of State Driver Accident

    Out of state driver accidents may occur for any reason. In some cases, drivers from out of state simply operate their vehicle in a dangerous way. They may speed or even drive under the influence of alcohol. These actions are against the law and could have serious consequences.

    Other drivers may simply be distracted because they are in an unfamiliar location. They may take their focus off of driving while:

    • Trying to get used to a rental car
    • Looking at a map to plot their route
    • Using a mobile device to get directions

    They may not know where to expect intersections or hazardous areas of the road. All of these factors could result in a collision. We’re here to investigate the specific causes of your accident. Note that your Garland out of state driver accident lawyer may need to show that the other driver was at-fault in order to secure compensation for you.

    Let us get to work on your claim right now. Call us at (469) 998-4069. We’re ready to visit the scene of the accident, speak to witnesses, and more.

    Injuries Associated with Garland Out of State Driver Accidents

    Motor vehicle collisions often result in serious injuries. You may want to get medical care right away if you were involved in a:

    • Head-on collision
    • Rear-end collision
    • Side-impact (or T-bone) collision

    These accidents could leave you dealing with broken bones or fractures. You could sustain a head or brain injury, like a concussion. Some accidents lead to neck, back, or spinal cord injuries. You may even face internal injuries, like organ damage.

    It’s important that you get medical care quickly after an accident with an out of state driver. This may help show that your injuries were caused by the driver who struck you. It may also make sure that you’re on the road to recovery here in Garland.

    Get Compensation After a Garland Out of State Driver Accident

    A motor vehicle collision in Garland may leave you facing incredibly high medical bills and vehicle repair costs. Fortunately, you may work with an out of state driver accident lawyer in Garland to get compensation for your losses. We’re here to help you get damages for your:

    • Current and future healthcare expenses
    • Wages you lost during your recovery
    • Diminished earning potential after an accident
    • Costs to repair your motor vehicle
    • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish

    In many cases, you may get compensation for your losses if you settle your claim with the other driver’s insurance company. Note that you may also file a lawsuit against the driver who struck you. Any lawsuit would go through the court system here in Texas, even if the driver was from another state. Our laws apply if the accident happened in Garland.

    Speak to a Garland Out of State Drivers Accident Lawyer Today

    Take steps to get damages for your losses after an accident with an out of state driver in Garland. Reach out to a member of our legal team by calling (469) 998-4069. You may also complete our online contact form. Take these steps to start working with an out of state drivers accident lawyer in Garland.

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