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    Garland Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

    Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Garland Garland Motorcycle Accident

    Motorcyclists are often the most vulnerable drivers on the road. They don’t have the protection of a larger vehicle and they can be hard for other drivers to see. Traffic accidents involving motorcycles are becoming more common, with around 88,000 motorcyclists injured in accidents in 2015 alone.

    Because motorcycles offer drivers little protection, motorcyclists can be seriously injured in accidents. Drivers can be dragged along the road or thrown from their bikes, suffering neck and back injuries and broken bones. Many motorcyclists are left with steep medical bills.

    It can be hard to get compensation for your injuries after a motorcycle accident. The other drivers may try to prove that you were to blame for the accident. Make sure you have the legal support you need after a collision by working with our Garland motorcycle accident lawyers.

    What to Expect After a Motorcycle Accident

    Motorcycle accidents can lead to serious damage to your bike and injuries that can require medical attention. You should contact emergency services immediately after an accident to make sure your injuries are treated and recorded officially. You should get information from as many other drivers and witnesses as you can.

    Insurance companies for the other drivers involved in your accident may try to contact you quickly. You could be offered a settlement that would cover some portion of your injuries, but these deals can work against your best interest.

    Contacting a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer right away can help you deal with the aftermath of your accident. A motorcycle accident lawyer can take over communication with the insurance companies, ensuring you can recover while confident that you won’t be taken advantage of.

    Getting Compensation for a Motorcycle Accident in Garland

    Texas has historically been one of the most dangerous states for motorcycle drivers. Driving your motorcycle in Garland puts you at risk from other drivers who may be distracted or not paying attention to where you are on the road. If you are a motorcyclist injured in an accident in Garland, you can face a difficult fight to get the compensation you deserve.

    Getting compensation for an accident can be difficult because Texas is a “modified comparative fault” state. This means that the court can assign blame for the accident onto more than one person. If you are found to be more than 50% at fault for the accident, you won’t receive any damages.

    Proving that the other driver is at fault for a motorcycle accident can be tricky. The insurance companies for the other drivers will try to prove that their clients were not to blame for the accident. Insurance companies can also try to argue that your injuries were not related to the accident. This can lower the damages you receive, making it more difficult for you to recover.

    An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can help you overcome these legal challenges. Our lawyers understand the strategies used by insurance companies. We can help you fight for the compensation you need so you can move on with your life.

    Pick the Motorcycle Accident Lawyer That’s Right for You

    Choosing the right motorcycle accident lawyer can mean the difference between success and failure in court. You need high-quality representation to protect you after a motorcycle accident.

    A motorcycle accident lawyer with experience can help you deal with insurance companies and other drivers. A law firm that has a record of successfully handling court cases specifically for motorcycle drivers can provide you with the personalized help you need.

    You can keep in mind that responsible motorcycle accident lawyers generally follow the “no win, no fee” rule. This means that your lawyer would only get paid for winning your case or getting you an acceptable settlement. You shouldn’t have to worry about legal fees unless your case is taken care of.

    After a motorcycle accident, dealing with someone you can trust can be very important. You deserve legal help from someone you can talk to. We offer a FREE consultation that you can take advantage of to get familiar with our services and support.

    Get Help with a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Garland

    Motorcycle accidents can be terrible, but they are often only the start of a motorcyclist’s problems. You can be left with injuries, high medical bills, and severe damage to your motorcycle. You’ll likely face a tough legal battle against other drivers and their insurance companies.

    You don’t have to deal with the problems associated with a motorcycle accident alone. Our Garland motorcycle accident lawyers are here to help you right now. You can contact us to get the assistance you need today. Take charge of your future by filling out the form on the right or calling (469) 998-4069.

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